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Hi my name is Yuya  I live in Oita Prefecture, famous for its hot springs I'm a qualified Japanese teacher. I've been teaching online for 3years My hobbies are going to hot springs and playing African drums. Now I study English and Spanish 私のなまえはゆうやです。 おんせんがゆうめいなおおいたけんすんでいます。 わたしのしゅみはおんせんにいくとこと、アフリカのドラムをたたくことです。 いまはえいごとスペイン語もべんきょうしています。

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66 Reviews

Student Gabe Tabor
Gabe Tabor
34 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
This is my second review as of now. I have learned so much from Yuya that I can’t believe how much I have grown in my Japanese speaking skills. Being able to speak in the language I am learning has helped tremendously in my journey. Yuya is great at leading the conversation while helping correct mistakes along the way. Never once have I been scared to try new grammar or vocabulary when talking with Yuya. Every lesson I learn something new and gain practice on what I learned before. I can’t wait to meet with him again. Thank you Yuya!
Aug 8, 2023
Student Megan
11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I recommend lessons from Yuya-sensei, if you want someone who can support your own needs and goals for studying Japanese. 😁 I really enjoy Yuya-sensei’s style of communication. 🥑 And I am grateful for his flexibility to accommodate what I need to ask a question about or wish to talk about each lesson. I feel more confident to express myself the more we talk—!! Today, Yuya-sensei used a ⭕️⭕️ button! Very fun, as I use the same things in my classroom with my students. 😆
Jan 31, 2023
Student Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards
30 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuya has all the qualities of a great teacher. He is patient, easy-going and supportive and attuned to my level immediately - offering a challenge at times but helping me to feel comfortable throughout. I would highly recommend his style of teaching and conversing to anyone who is feeling nervous about speaking Japanese. With Yuya you'll be in very good hands!
Sep 1, 2022
Student Demo Mann
Demo Mann
2 Japanese lessons
I enjoyed a casual and stress-free conversation to help me become more confident in speaking Japanese.
Apr 3, 2024
Student Gabe Tabor
Gabe Tabor
34 Japanese lessons
I cannot stress enough about how helpful Yuya is in learning Japanese. Every one of my lessons with him has been a joyful experience. I recommend him to anyone that wants to seriously practice Japanese while also having fun.
Mar 25, 2024
Student ben
21 Japanese lessons
Yuya is a kind and understanding teacher who works at your speed! He is very knowledgeable and helps me learn new words and use them in our practice conversation.
Feb 17, 2024
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