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✨May DEAL to help YOU SPEAK ▶PM me FIRST to see if we can help each other 🇺🇸 I speak English! (C2 Level at OXFORD PLACEMENT TEST, Badge on PC version)🇬🇧 PRO French tutor for more than 12 years I COMMIT to my students to SUCCESS. I'm DEDICATED to my students. ▶️Andrea DALF C2: Marc es un gran profesor, me corrige amablemente y siempre hace preguntas para generar debate y que pueda mejorar mi producción oral. Él deja tareas, lo cual se me hace bastante útil para usar el francés durante la mayoría del día. ติวสอบภาษาฝรั่งเศส I've been travelling the🌎 🥖I specialize in FLUENCY CONFIDENCE🍷 Travel & MEETING people is my O2

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Nana Frimpong
10 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
En un mois, Marc m'a fait passer confiance nulle pour parler français à une confiance à cent pour cent pour parler français. C'est un ange envoyé par Dieu. Il est super engageant et très encourageant. La langue française en action.. J'ai mon examen de français Delf jeudi et je suis convaincu que je saurai comment naviguer lorsque je répondrai aux questions de la section orale.. Merci Marc d'avoir cru en moi et d'avoir fait beaucoup de le temps de m'assurer d'atteindre mes objectifs linguistiques .
Nov 8, 2022
37 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Since I'm a month away from the DELF A1 exam, I'm practicing with the mock exams. Marc is helping me to improve in many areas such as listening, reading, pronunciation, writing, etc. There is a lot to prepare for this exam, but Marc has overtime helped me build my confidence in French, so I will do my best to study diligently everyday!
Nov 4, 2022
22 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have learned so much from teacher Marc already. He is a wonderful teacher and a great language coach. I always get to practice speaking during the lessons. Thank you very much again.
Oct 19, 2022
Angela Lee
34 French lessons
teacher is very serious in class and very patient with children ;)
May 20, 2023
46 French lessons
Я очень рада, что снова хожу на французский к Марку! Он так поддерживает, так умело подсказывает, с ним всегда есть о чём поговорить, и время пролетает незаметно! Всё сложное Марк умеет очень просто и доходчиво объяснить! Спасибо!
May 18, 2023
29 French lessons
Marc is very patient and has been helping me with reading in French. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher!
May 16, 2023
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