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Hey! My name is Jeremy, and I am a language enthusiast and all-around lover of culture and travel. Through my experiences on mission trips to Ireland, India, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, and Cambodia, I have had the opportunity to challenge my people and language skills, while gaining an understanding for new cultures and lands. These trips developed my interest in learning new languages and have inspired my current aspirations to live abroad. Right now, I am working on conquering (okay, maybe not that dramatic) my first foreign language of Swedish, with an ever-growing list of languages I want to learn next looming ahead.

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I've never met a teacher better than Jeremy. He is super patient, super professional and very funny. He has his own way to teach students in a fancinating way. He will explain anything you feel confused in a simple and clear way. Jeremy is an easy-going and positive teacher. His world is always filled with laughter. Choose him, and enjoy the class!⊙▽⊙
Aug 12, 2022
Jacker Wong
50 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Jeremy is a very professional, patient and polite teacher. I feel great and relax when I'm talking to him during class and I never feel nervous to speak English ;p
May 16, 2022
Marco Antonio
45 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jeremy is a fantastic person! He's patient and look for let the student calm. It was one of the best classes that I've had. Thank you!
Apr 24, 2022
43 English lessons
You are my best tutor and not only that, you are also my good friend! Thank you for correcting me every time when I made a mistake. You really helped me a lot with my English. 👍
Dec 6, 2023
abimael real mosqued
8 English lessons
Jeremy is so patient. I've been taking classes with him for some months, and I feel confortable taking classes with him. He corrects my mistakes, and that is so important. Realmente se los recomiendo. Me cuesta mucho trabajo hablar en inglés y el me da mucha confianza para hablarlo. He tomado clases de gramática por algún tiempo, y lo que necesito ahora es solo desarrollar más el listening y speaking y Jeremy si que realmente me está ayudando con eso. Así que Go ahead, tomen clases con el.
Nov 5, 2023
25 English lessons
Nov 3, 2023
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