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Feel stuck? I help people get unstuck in conversation | pronunciation | test preparation 📍Florence
From ItalyLiving in Bologna, Italy (00:27 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 6, 2022
Do you feel stuck, use the same words, can't apply grammar to speaking, have a thick accent & can't pronounce some sounds? You've come to the right place! I'm here to make Italian intriguing & fluid FAST! I'm Nadi from Florence, the city of Dante, so I speak with a standard accent & I've been teaching for 11 years to people from all over the world. But, first of all, I'm a language learner so I know how difficult it is & how important it's to optimise time, so I'll provide you with the techniques I've used on my own & the ones learnt professionally. I've also studied diction with actors for a more perfect accent. I write in journals, I worked in archaeosites & I love travelling, art & books.

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39 Reviews

Student k:)
1 Italian lesson
Teacher’s pick
I really liked Nadi’s comments/feedback section at the end of the class where she evaluated my level and where to go from here based on my goals and where I’m at now. I appreciated her honesty, how everything was 100% in italian, & how she addressed corrections (whether I wanted to be interrupted or not). I’m going to focus my efforts on lots of listening practice, doing some exercises, and then hopefully I can come back and book another class where we can reevaluate ☺️
Jul 5, 2024
Student Jolie
1 Italian lesson
Teacher’s pick
This was my first lesson/conversation and I found it very helpful. She is good at noticing errors and correcting them without making one feel awkward about it. I struggle with some basic things even though I am intermediate and I feel that she will be able to help on both levels with continued lessons. I like that she gave a bit of a synopsis towards the end to wrap up the chat but also to point out where I am and where I can improve. I like to make notes so that I can work on what to study so I also appreciate her writing out errors/notes in the chat during the conversation. Thank you :)
Jun 1, 2024
Student Adriana
7 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nadi is marvellous, I can recommend her lessons to everyone who would like to improve their Italian. She is well-prepared and in our classes, she also incorporates exercises to improve my pronunciation. She also takes time to explain grammar rules if she notice I struggle with something, and she corrects me when I say something wrong which I really appreciate as I want to improve as much as possible. The best thing is she manages to correct me in a way that does not disturb the flow of the conversation. Thank you Nadi!
Mar 26, 2024
Student Sam
6 Italian lessons
Un'altra ottima lezione!
Jul 2, 2024
Student tomasso
1 Italian lesson
Nadi states that she can help with B1. She informed me that I wasn't at that level yet. She put me at the lowest A1, but I'm concurrently taking A2.2 in class. Either way, I'm not ready for B1.
Jul 1, 2024
Student Casey
17 Italian lessons
Nadi is among the best teachers I've worked with on iTalki. She is extremely patient and kind, is genuine and curious, gives great corrections on all aspects of the language, and makes the lessons fun but challenging at the same time. She is always prepared and our lessons are packed from start to end with engaging conversation. She has been a huge help in my CILS prep!
Jun 25, 2024
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