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From AustriaLiving in Salzburg, Austria (19:27 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 16, 2022
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My name is Marilena, originally from beautiful Salzburg, Austria. After spending two years abroad in Perugia, Italy, I returned to Salzburg and worked for a year as a financial instructor at a bank. Now, starting in September of 2024, I'm excited to pursue my studies in Psychology. In my free time, I delve into art history, explore diverse cultures, and immerse myself in music. I'm passionate about traveling, meeting new people, indulging in literature, writing poetry, and cherishing moments with friends and family.

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39 Reviews

Student Daniel
16 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Es ist immer gut, mit Marilena zu reden! Sie ist sehr freundlich und hat immer interessante Themen zu reden. Ich habe viel über Österreich gelernt und ich hatte viel Spaß bei den Unterhaltungen! Danke für alles!
Mar 23, 2023
Student Serena
12 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
My lessons with Marilena have been really nice, she keeps the conversation flowing but is also super patient when I need some extra time to think about what I want to say. I really appreciate that she corrects me whenever I make a mistake too. Would recommend :)
Oct 11, 2022
Student Max
4 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Marilena is very professional, understanding and caring to the needs of the student. She pays great attention during the class and help provide feedback on things I need to work on. I enjoyed my lesson. Vielen Dank!!
Jun 28, 2022
Student Diana Sukiasian
Diana Sukiasian
6 German lessons
It's always a pleasure to have lessons with you, Marilena! Thank you for the positive vibes and nice conversations on our classes!
May 10, 2024
Student Hana Gouveia
Hana Gouveia
7 German lessons
Marilena is extremely attentive and helpful. She has an ability to adapt her teaching style to align with the interests of her students. I'm looking forward to our next classes and recommend Marilena to any student who desires a rewarding learning experience
May 8, 2024
Student Ricardo
1 German lesson
Der Testkurs hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Marilena hat eine unglaubliche Ausstrahlung, die mir das Gefühl gegeben hat, mich gut auszudrücken.
May 7, 2024
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