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italkiなどを通じて、外国籍の方の日本転職を100名以上サポートしてきました。 日本就職には、プロが知っている情報が重要です。 あなたの活動スタイルに合わせたレッスンを一緒にしていきましょう😊
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italki teacher since Jan 24, 2022
私はYukiです。 外国籍の方の日本就職・生活する団体 『Logs Japan』の代表を務めています。 プロのJob Agentとして、italkiでは主に面接練習のサポートや、履歴書の作成をしています。 もしあなたが日本で仕事をしたい、就職したいと考えているなら、気軽に相談してください。 あなたとレッスンでお会いできる日をお待ちしています! I’m Yuki. I am the representative of “Logs Japan,” an organization that supports foreigners finding employment in Japan. As a Professional Job Agent,Mainly,support job interview, check resume, and more in italki. If you wanna get a job in Japan,please feel free to contact me. I can't wait meet you next lesson, thank you.

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30 Reviews

Student Nathalie Bartelius
Nathalie Bartelius
2 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki is a fantastic teacher, especially if you're preparing for an interview like me. One lesson felt like three lessons in terms of value compared to similar teachers. He has modern knowledge when it comes to what companies look for, and will help you narrow down to what is most important. He combines his teaching abilities with his experience as a recruiter (agent) to give you the most effective tips as well as encouraging you to be confident even though japanese isn't your first language. I was honestly surprised by the value I got from just one class. Highly recommended!
Jul 2, 2023
Student Shu Zhou
Shu Zhou
7 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki sensei is very familiar with the working environment in Japan and has a lot of great insights on how to get prepared to find a job in Japan. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get first hand information on working culture and hiring process in Japan!
Jul 31, 2022
Student Aryeh Blumenreich
Aryeh Blumenreich
17 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki is a wonderful teacher and a huge help to anyone thinking of starting work in Japan. I'm hoping to get a new job sometime in the Kanto area at some point in the next year, and he's been instrumental in helping me prepare my resume and other documents necessary for the job hunt. Job hunting, especially in Japan, is a really stressful process but with Yuki I have someone to help me guide me through it. I'm very grateful for his help and am looking forward to continuing working with him. I definitely recommend his lessons to anyone interested in or currently working in Japan.
Feb 19, 2022
Student Shu Zhou
Shu Zhou
7 Japanese lessons
Sep 4, 2022
Student Shu Zhou
Shu Zhou
7 Japanese lessons
Aug 28, 2022
Student bolin
1 Japanese lesson
Jul 24, 2022
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