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You want a practical conversation?
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italki teacher since Jan 14, 2022
Hi, i’m Huyen. I love teaching and making friends by learning languages. I have been traveling to many different places in Viet Nam and understanding profoundly Vietnamese culture. If I have to use 3 words to describe myself when I teach, they will be: Funny( hài hước); Enthusiastic (nhiệt tình); Patient: (Kiên nhẫn)

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42 Reviews

강진영 • Jinyoung Kang
42 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Interesting lesson as usual! And I enjoyed the traffic light song today :)
Nov 9, 2022
5 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
She ís always super understanding and patient with me! She has high energy and will always smile even if I made the same mistake twice! Her english is also perfect, so if you ask her a question, then she can give you a quick and concise answer!
Jan 24, 2022
1 Vietnamese lesson
This was my first lesson with Huyen and she tailored the lesson to actually what I needed. I wanted to try out conversation even though I am very much a beginner, but she is super patient, kind and willing to work with me. Thanks for not giving up on my horrible Vietnamese ! haha
Nov 16, 2022
3 Vietnamese lessons
Huyen is a great teacher who teaches in a very enthusiastic manner. I enjoy the format of her course as well as the teaching materials she prepares for class.
Nov 13, 2022
Anna Hoffman
1 Vietnamese lesson
Thank you Huyen! This was a great first class. She was very patient and great at correcting me, which I greatly need. I really liked the materials she had as well.
Nov 12, 2022
Jennifer McCallum
2 Vietnamese lessons
Absolutely perfect first lesson. I was looking for a VN crash course in basics before I go out there and couldn't have fitted in anymore in 30mins! Perfect! Will be booking follow-up lessons - thank you so much Huyen!
Nov 11, 2022
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