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楽(たの)しく 会話(かいわ)をしましょう!!
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こんにちは! わたしの名前(なまえ)は、 『はな』です。 日本で 生(う)まれ 育(そだ)って、今(いま)も 日本に 住(す)んでいます。 趣味(しゅみ)は、 家族(かぞく)で キャンプ(きゃんぷ)に 行(い)くことと、  刺(し)しゅうと 海外ドラマ(かいがいどらま)や 映画(えいが)を 見(み)ることです。 何(なに)よりも 笑(わら)うことや、 楽(たの)しいことが 大好(だいす)きです! Hello! My name is Hana. I was born and raised in Japan, and I live in Japan.My favorite things to do are camping with my family, embroidery, and watching foreign dramas and movies.Most of all, I love to laugh and have fun.

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楽(たの)しく 会話(かいわ)を しましょう!!
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Student Michael Korenchan
Michael Korenchan
14 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been chatting with はなさん for a few months in preparation for studying abroad in Japan; talking with her has been incredibly helpful in making conversation more comfortable. The conversations have been super fun and have made me much more confident as a Japanese speaker. Thanks so much!!
Sep 1, 2022
Student Ashly
64 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
We had a fun chat talking about a bunch of different topics. The conversation flowed naturally and I felt really comfortable saying whatever was on my mind :) Hana is a great conversationalist!
May 14, 2022
Student Chad
51 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hanaさん is a great teacher and conversationalist. I've met a lot of teachers on iTalki and she's one of a few that I felt immediately comfortable with. She has a warm personality which made the time fly. I had a blast and look forward to speaking with Hanaさん more.
Apr 21, 2022
Student Jason
15 Japanese lessons
Oct 25, 2023
Student Chad
51 Japanese lessons
I've taken many semesters worth of Japanese classes and I've seen a lot of different iTalki teachers and after all these years Hanaさん was the only person that provided me with some very practical and useful tips. Hanaさん previously helped me to fix something with my pronunciation so that it'd be more natural. She's the only teacher that has pointed this out and done this for me. Additionally, she's the only teacher that pointed out that the nuances between using a particular word vs another for my age/generation. These are super helpful tips and I'm very appreciative to Hanaさん for that.
Oct 4, 2023
Student Chad
51 Japanese lessons
Hanaさん is an incredibly engaging teacher. We never run out of things to talk about. Importantly, since we're always chatting about such varied topics I encounter many sentences that I simply didn't know that I couldn't say yet. The really great thing about all of this is that it's extremely motivating. I think it really helps that many of the topics we speak about are so intriguing thanks to Hana's really inquisitive nature.
Aug 2, 2023
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