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I am a medical doctor taking my postgraduate break, with a lifelong massive passion for languages which involves both learning and teaching: I consider myself a nonstop learner of all aspects of my interests, and I am keen on sharing the knowledge I acquire for the purposes of recreation, benefit, and assistance whenever necessary. My interests and hobbies extend widely beyond the medical realm, and I am open to different orientations and perspectives adopted by people around the globe. In light of this, it seems it wouldn't be too complex choosing the topics you would like to enhance your language skills through!

Arabic (Levantine) Lessons

Arabic (Levantine)
Arabic (Modern Standard)
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A Lebanese Talk Session حكي باللبناني
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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Lebanese Arabic Taken Further / اللهجة اللبنانية للمستوى المتقدّم
B2 -  C2


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SITUATIONAL DIALOGUES ONLY - For beginners and intermediate learners
A1 -  B2

Conversation Practice

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32 Reviews

Arabic (Levantine)
Patrick Lanceloz
14 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Rawan is great teacher with patience and intelligence. She quickly understand your level and your needs; and adapts to it. I recommend her strongly.
Nov 2, 2022
32 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another great lesson with Rawan. She is very knowledgeable and explains Arabic grammar very well. She also has many ideas and ways on how to learn Arabic and you get to choose what works best for you.
Oct 26, 2022
16 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Rawan is a passionate teacher who can help you reach the next level in your language learning journey. You will not only enjoy conversation with her but learn new vocabulary and expressions through the entire lesson. She is super flexible and happy to accommodate your need and preference so don't hesitate to book a lesson with her!
Sep 20, 2022
8 Arabic lessons
I’be had 6 lessons with Rawan so far. She is amazing!) one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. We’re practicing speaking in MSA, discussing some really interesting topics which give you some food for thought. She is always ready to help and to implement any of your suggestions. I also want to point out that Rawan’s knowledge of fusha is incredible - she can explain any grammatical constructions or meaning of the words on the spot.
Aug 23, 2023
18 Arabic lessons
Rawan provides me with lessons that are designed to meet my specific needs. On the one hand, they consist of free conversation, on the other hand, of working on a text from my work context (counseling for refugees in Germany). It helps me to understand the text in Modern Standard Arabic and at the same time to be able to reproduce the content in Levantine colloquial Arabic. This is very helpful for me. Thank you very much!
May 23, 2023
Eric Smith
14 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
Very nice, thank you. Thank you for being so patient and supportive, and thanks for paying attention! Have a nice day.
May 18, 2023
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