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Hey you! Thanks for coming by - I am Natalie and I was born and raised in Germany. I am a passionate language learner myself, a Marvel fan, and love to eat good food with great company. In my professional life, I am a marketing specialist for a German company - hence I work with the language on a day-to-day basis. I simply love German, as the language offers so many ways to express yourself. I want to pass this love for the language along to you!

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43 Reviews

Shannon O'Neill
55 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Natalie ist so motivierend als Deutschlehrerin! ich fühle mich immer besser mit meinem Deutsch nach eine Stunde mit Natalie! Sie glaubt an dich, auch wenn du es nicht tust. Danke Natalie!!
Mar 28, 2022
Shannon O'Neill
55 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Was für ein Unterricht! Ich merke, dass Natalie passt ihren Unterricht an. Sie hilft mir mit meiner Bedürfnisse und Herausforderungen, weil sie einen Plan hat! Und wir hatten ein Wort des Tages auch: der Schnickschnack!!! Echt toll! Vielen Dank Natalie!!
Feb 19, 2022
Heonho Kim
26 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had a great time trying out Natalie's lesson. She is really well prepared and very kind, which makes the experience super fun and instructive. I also appreciate the communication that takes place - it's clear that she really invested in making the lesson material the best it can be. Overall, It is a great time for anyone who needs help German. I will definitely book again. Thanks, Natalie:)
Feb 9, 2022
Shannon O'Neill
55 German lessons
Today as always the time flew by so fast and it was wunderbar! Thank you for going step by step with me through this reading activity and for the awesome Erklärungen with vocabulary! Vielen lieben Dank!
May 22, 2023
Shannon O'Neill
55 German lessons
Another fabulous hour with Natalie!!! She is a great teacher and you will learn so much with her!!! Vielen Dank!
May 13, 2023
Shannon O'Neill
55 German lessons
Natalie is the teacher 👩‍🏫 who believes in you! I often feel that I am more prone to doubt my German skills and Natalie will say something that just gives me a lift! Then I feel ready for the next language challenge! I think we all need a Natalie in our life!! Vielen Dank!
May 3, 2023
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