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[WRITE ME FOR MORE AVAILIBILITIES] 🎉 My name is Lucille. French native speaker with a Master Degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language. I speak fluent English, currently learning Spanish and can have basic conversations in German. I've found that teaching is a great fit for my personality, I enjoy helping people and I also love to learn from them. 😋

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49 Reviews

Student Mike Beavers
Mike Beavers
27 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was really nervous to start taking language lessons, but feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Lucille as a French teacher. She is engaging in conversation and helped me feel comfortable despite having only studied French for a month prior to our first lesson. She knows when to correct me and when to let me carry on to build confidence. I honestly often forget that I’m in a lesson and not just talking to a friend. She has introduced me to Claude François and shared a recipe from her grandmother for Buche de Noël. Using those kinds of interactions to integrate learning into life is so much more fun than staring down a textbook! The lessons are varied in a way that never feels stale and that I look forward to each week. I often watch language learning videos online, but to learn in the context of the flow of a conversation with someone who makes you feel at ease is truly the most valuable way. Thank you for all of that Lucille!
Feb 1, 2024
Student Julia Mühlhauser
Julia Mühlhauser
12 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I love learning French with Lucille! We always manage to have a quite fun and chill atmosphere, which is crucial for me since I have anxiety when it comes to new languages. But because of Lucille's style I always feel encouraged and do not overthink it if I make mistakes! We follow a mix of structured lessons with grammar, vocabulary and audio, but slowly also start to have more free conversations. Which is a great feeling when learning a new language ☺️ All in all I am more than happy with these classes and cannot wait to make more progress in the upcoming time!
Apr 13, 2023
Student Monica McKeever
Monica McKeever
111 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lucille Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. Teachers can change lives. Meeting Lucille changed mine. She mixes correction and challenge in a way that is both fluid and effective. It is important to have fun while learning. Progress is therefore by leaps and bounds. Now I dream in French. Lucille Mieux que mille jours d'étude assidue est un jour avec un grand professeur. Les enseignants peuvent changer des vies. Rencontrer Lucille a changé la mienne. Elle mélange la correction et le défi de manière à la fois fluide et efficace. Il est important de s'amuser en apprenant. L'avancement est donc à pas de géant. Maintenant je rêve en français.
Jan 11, 2023
Student snoochus
1 French lesson
Very engaging, enjoyable and met my expectations. I look forward to improving my conversation skills.
Mar 25, 2024
Student Rajia Baroudi
Rajia Baroudi
4 French lessons
Excellent, intelligent pleasant teacher. Will use talents again.
Feb 20, 2024
Student Faye
2 French lessons
Excellent lesson, merci!!
Jan 25, 2024
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