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Katerina Vasileiadou

Professional Teacher
Certified Greek teacher in teaching Greek as a second or foreign language.
From GreeceLiving in Thessaloniki, Greece (09:52 UTC+03:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Jan 23, 2022
Interest topicFoodHistoryTravel
Hello everyone, My name is Katerina Vasileiadou, 28 years of age, I am from Greece and I currently live in the second biggest city in the country, Thessaloniki. However, I love traveling combined with my best hobby photography and thus, I can show you around many places in the country or even, sometimes abroad. When I'm back in my city, I also take dance classes, for 14 years now, and participate in many shows or even competitions (I have some medals from my younger years, as a hip-hop dancer)!

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Greek phrases for Intermediate students
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49 Reviews

Student Dalton
16 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have once again has a fantastic and interactive lesson with Katerina. Not only are her English skills flawless but her Greek teaching ability is second to none. If you’re after the perfect teacher than look no further. My reading, writing, listening and speaking has drastically improved with the help of Katerina, not to mention she is a delightful young lady and so easy to chat with :)
Dec 21, 2022
Student Tom
24 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another enjoyable lesson! If you are looking to learn Greek with a genuinely lovely person who speaks perfect English and has a great sense of humour, choose Katerina!! Learning this difficult language becomes more fun and a bit easier every lesson. Great teacher!
Nov 23, 2022
Student Sara Marti
Sara Marti
16 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Katerina is a pleasure to study with - I did a series of lessons with her and have learned a lot. As a beginner in Greek - I could have easily been intimidated, but Katerina has been patient, kind, supportive and a joy to spend time with. I really enjoy her energy, and I look forward to each lesson - even when I'm tired or the lesson has been hard. She makes it fun, and it has made all the difference in my learning. And now I can't wait to go to Greece and test out my new skills!
Jun 27, 2022
Student tuffydru
7 Greek lessons
A very friendly, interesting and professional teacher. The lesson flowed and I felt very comfortable, even when I made mistakes. This was an introductory lesson and, without hesitation, I'm booking more lessons with her.
Feb 21, 2024
Student Hayley
9 Greek lessons
Katerina is a great teacher! She’s easy to talk to, very kind, and very patient.
Feb 9, 2024
Student Matthewelias90
53 Greek lessons
Katerina was very friendly and helpful
Aug 30, 2023
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