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A Filipina living in Brazil. I was an international flight attendant before I decided to live here! That´s why I can´t wait to meet people from different nationalities again. I may have been to your country! This we shall find out together. I have a background in health sciences since I have a degree in Nursing. I love being outdoors in nature, finding scrumptious food spots, and singing with my ukulele. I am also a student here studying Brazilian Portuguese. FEBRUARY UPDATE: Please pick either SKYPE or ITALKI classroom as a communication tool. I've stopped giving classes on Zoom. Thank you for your understanding! :)

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78 Reviews

Oleg Sulima
23 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Amalia is a wonderful person with whom it is pleasant to communicate. I have to restrain myself and not plan more than three lessons a week to give the teacher a break from me and give the others the opportunity to communicate with her :) With Amalia we talk about completely different topics. It allows me to find my weaknesses, new words. She corrects, helps to formulate a thought to sound more natural and competent, tries to suggest a word based on the context, then she sends it all to the chat. Then it depends only on me whether I will memorize it... Amalia is very patient and doesn’t reproach that we have already had such a word. It's also very important to me that she tries to understand me, some teachers just agreed with a nonsense. It is also very valuable for me that she tells her opinion about an issue or shares examples from her life. This turns the lesson into a friendly conversation, not takes strength, but on the contrary gives a good mood :)
May 30, 2023
29 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Amalia is amazing, her classes are so fun and interactive, and i’m learning a lot. She is flexible with classes and we can talk about any topic. I’ll coninue booking classes with her for sure ☺️
Mar 11, 2023
73 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been having classes with Amalia for a few months now and she is no doubt the best English teacher ever! She is so down to earth and funny and talktive that I look forward to studying with her everyday. She helps me improve my English in so many ways, but the most important thing is she gives me the boost and the confidence to finally start to talk to people in English in the real world. Also, she is willing to talk about everything that happend in my daily life and listens to me patiently. She helps me to think up the right word that I want to say when I am stuck, refines my grammar, teaches me tons of authentic expressions, and finds the best materials for me. Plus, she is so good at explaining complicated words and expressions in simple words! I learned so much from her. Thank you Amalia❤️
Jul 31, 2022
18 English lessons
Amalia is a great teacher. She is a very kind, polite and competent person. After looking for the most appropriate teacher on this platform I chose Amalia. Our lessons are easy and useful. It’s a pleasure for me to have English lessons with her despite on the whole my working day. You don’t notice how time flies! Amalia is a great interlocutor. She can turn any topic into a long conversation. I speak a lot in our classes. The teacher watches your language and pay attention to pronunciation, grammar, structure of sentences. She every time follows your thoughts and try to help you to express your speech correctly and fully. Amalia supports you both in English and in your life and it’s a very valuable. I’m grateful for our lessons and looking forward to our next meetings!
Jun 6, 2023
12 English lessons
Amalia is a very kind and patient teacher. She helps me correct my pronouns and grammar. And taught me lots of normal expressions of native speakers. She is prefect.
May 31, 2023
4 English lessons
Amalia has such incredible and phenomenal teaching skills that work for all learners levels.
May 30, 2023
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