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italki teacher since Feb 12, 2022
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A Filipina living in Brazil. I was an international flight attendant before I decided to live here! That´s why I can´t wait to meet people from different nationalities again. I may have been to your country! This we shall find out together. I have a background in health sciences since I have a degree in Nursing. I love being outdoors in nature, finding scrumptious food spots, and singing with my ukulele. I am also a student here studying Brazilian Portuguese. REMINDER: I will be OFF italki in October and November because I will be traveling around my home country! We still have August and September for classes together! 💎

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105 English lessons
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Amalia isn't just my English teacher; she's a true friend and the most patient language partner ever! 🌟 Her kindness and encouragement make our conversations feel like chatting with a buddy. She never hesitates to help me improve at my own pace, and her emotional support is invaluable. Grateful for Amalia, the best language journey companion! 🌈
Jul 19, 2023
43 English lessons
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Amalia is a great teacher. She is a very kind, polite and competent person. After looking for the most appropriate teacher on this platform I chose Amalia. Our lessons are easy and useful. It’s a pleasure for me to have English lessons with her despite on the whole my working day. You don’t notice how time flies! Amalia is a great interlocutor. She can turn any topic into a long conversation. I speak a lot in our classes. The teacher watches your language and pay attention to pronunciation, grammar, structure of sentences. She every time follows your thoughts and try to help you to express your speech correctly and fully. Amalia supports you both in English and in your life and it’s a very valuable. I’m grateful for our lessons and looking forward to our next meetings!
Jun 6, 2023
Thiago Godoy
56 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Her classes are amazing, she encourages me to take on new challenges, teaches approaches that I can use during my workdays, and gives me a lot of tips on where I can improve my accent. Thanks, Amalia to share your knowledge with me.
May 25, 2023
3 English lessons
I had several lessons and I really liked them, I want to come back to this teacher again and again! During my lessons we discussed various topics, improved my grammar and expanded my vocabulary, and I also get some recommendations for improving my sentences. I recommend Amalia to everyone!
Oct 5, 2023
1 English lesson
Amalia is very nice and Kind. The class was ok in spite of my conexión difficulties. She made me feel comfortable all the lesson. thank you
Sep 29, 2023
linli lu
1 English lesson
I had a lovely lesson with Amalia. She is knowledge and patient. Thank you so much:)
Sep 5, 2023
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