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Colombian teacher with ELE certificate and five years of experience teaching Spanish
From ColombiaLiving in Medellin, Colombia (17:57 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Jan 26, 2022
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👋🏽 • Hey, guys! I’m Mariana. A Colombian, paisita, born in the city of Medellín. Completely in love with Spanish and the magical world we encounter when we explore different cultures. I studied from 2015 to 2020 Bachelor of human sciences and Spanish Language and I’ve been a full-time teacher for over 5 years.

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Español por niveles / Spanish for different levels 📚
A1 -  C1


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Clase grupal / Couple or Friends Class: 2 students! 💥
A1 -  C1


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Conversemos / Conversation lesson A2 - C2 💬
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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Colombia / Colombian Spanish 🌞
A2 -  C2


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24 Reviews

Luis Fernando
41 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mariana es maravillosa. las clases son para mi hijo de 8 años. ella siempre divertida y clases preperada para él. tiene una personalidad divertida que facilita el aprendizaje.
Jun 3, 2023
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mariana is a really great teacher, she is patient and happy to answer any and all questions when they arise. Previously I could often feel embarrassed when speaking Spanish, but in my lessons with Mariana she creates a comfortable environment that has allowed me to become more comfortable making mistakes (which she always helps to me to identify) and therefore more confident when speaking. She’s organised with content but also happy to allow conversation to flow around topics in the lesson plan which makes for a more natural feel. I look forward to more lessons - thanks Mariana!
Mar 30, 2023
Andrew Edwards
19 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
¡¡Mariana es la mejor profesora de español! Hablamos de todo -- literatura, cultura, gramática, lo que sea; es muy flexible. Estudio literatura hispana a nivel bastante avanzado y Mariana me ha editado de maravilla varios trabajos míos. Entiende muy bien la gramática. ¡Estudien con ella!! :)
Dec 22, 2022
Luis Fernando
41 Spanish lessons
Buen clase como siempre.
Jun 6, 2023
9 Spanish lessons
I love Mariana's classes! She is fun to talk to and motivating. Plus, she has great material for whatever you are working on this week. Mariana is patient, knowledgeable, and has a great way of explaining concepts. I highly recommend trying a class with her. :)
May 2, 2023
Darya D.
4 Spanish lessons
Mariana is a fun, supportive and pleasant teacher! really recommend her if you want to feel comfortable in the lesson :) looking forward to more classes with you!
Apr 28, 2023
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