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From JapanLiving in Barcelona, Spain (04:17 UTC+01:00)
Let’s talk with me😄 Vamos a chatear😄 楽しく私と会話をしましょう♪
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italki teacher since Jan 24, 2022
私の名前はユウコです。兵庫県の神戸市出身です。私は夫とバルセロナに住んでいます。好きなことは、他国の食べ物、旅行、アニメです。私は新しい人と話したり、いろいろな国の文化を知ることが大好きです。 My name is Yuko. I’m from Kobe, Japan. I actually live in Barcelona with my husband. I like traveling, another country’s food and anime. I love talking with new people and getting to know about the another country’s cultures. Me llamo Yuko. Soy de Kobe, Japón. Yo vivo en Barcelona con mi marido. Me gusta probar la comida de otros países, viajar y los animes. Me encanta hablar con gente nueva y conocer las culturas de otros países.

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Today I had another interesting conversation with Yuko. As always I had the chance to talk about many different topics and learn some useful expressions I didn't know. I feel like I became more confident! If you're as shy and insecure as I am, I recommend you book a lesson with her!
Apr 26, 2022
Larry Campbell
1 Japanese lesson
The conversation was very engaging and entertaining!
Jan 30, 2023
11 Japanese lessons
Youko san is kind, intelligent and a very professional teacher.
Jan 25, 2023
Pedro Puissegur
3 Japanese lessons
At first I was nervous, because it was my first time in a while speaking japanese, but my nervousness went away as soon as Yuko-san and I started to talk. She is a teacher that will make feel comfortable. Not only is she fun, but also is genuinely happy for you when she sees you improve. I had so much fun, that time fly by. That´s why I am booking my next class now. If you want to learn and practice your japanese, and you are not too sure with whom, I suggest you pick Yuko-san, you will not regret it.
Jan 20, 2023
Kevin Parker
1 Japanese lesson
Great teach, very funny and informative! Can't wait for the next lesson.
Jan 14, 2023
2 Japanese lessons
I just had my first lesson with Yuko sensei. I am really sorry that I don't speak any Japanese yet. At the moment I am learning how to read Hiragana and Katakana. However, despite me not being able to speak Japanese at all, Yuko sensei was extremely motivating. Even though I was nervous at the beginning, she made me feel comfortable and I had so much fun talking to her. I feel this is the beginning of something big to me. Thank you so much Yuko sensei and I will do my best to keep on learning Japanese as effectively as possible. Mucho gusto! :)
Jan 10, 2023
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