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Spanish teacher eager to help you use your Spanish irl :)
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My name is Julieta (call me Juli!), I'm a 22 years old teacher from Argentina, Buenos Aires. Spanish is my native language. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I am a nerd for languages. I can speak English, and I am also studying Japanese and Italian. I would love to help you through your Spanish-learning journey and share tips for learning and studying as both a teacher and student myself. More about me: I love cats, of which I have two: Polly and Freddy, two tuxedo-wearing gentlemen. My hobbies are on the creative side, such as art, reading, video games, and such. I would love to be able to bring them to class if the student is interested. Fun fact: I'm not good with the cold 😬❄️

Spanish Lessons

Trial Lesson
18 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
💪 Spanish Course for Beginners and/or Returnees / Curso de Español para Principiantes o Iniciados
A1 -  A2


94 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Package with 16% off
☕ Coffee Talk | ¡Hablemos un rato! Trae tu café o té y charlemos (A2-C2)
A2 -  C1

Conversation Practice

50 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Package with 9% off
📕 Grammar Lesson / Clase de gramática española (A1-C1)
A1 -  C1


2 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Package with 16% off
🖋️ A1-A2 Spanish Exercises - Let's practice together! | Ejercicios de español A1-A2 - Practiquemos!
A1 -  A2


9 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Package with 16% off
✏️ Let's write together | ¡Escribamos juntos! (A1-C2)
A1 -  C2


0 lessons completed
USD 10.00+


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13 Reviews

Student Bethany Davies
Bethany Davies
4 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Juli is such a professional! I really enjoyed the lesson and can't believe that I can already introduce myself in Spanish. Great to start by a recap of what was introduced in the previous class.
Jan 29, 2023
Student Dale
11 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Juli is very helpful, organised and friendly and is great to chat to. I would recommend her to anyone.
Jul 18, 2022
Student Felipe Ambrosio
Felipe Ambrosio
22 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Juli é uma excelente professora, sempre alegre, com ótima didática, e sempre trazendo materiais e conteúdos diversos.
Jun 23, 2022
Student Dave Sayler
Dave Sayler
2 Spanish lessons
Juli is an excellent teacher! The lessons have a variety of activities often using original materials to keep things interesting. Juli is very patient and manages to keep most of the lesson in Spanish despite my currently limited skills. (However her English is very strong so if we need to use English to clarify a point, it’s easy to follow.). Highly recommended!
Jun 14, 2024
Student Leandro Hespanhol
Leandro Hespanhol
29 Spanish lessons
Juli te hace abrir el corazón como si estuvieras hablando con la persona más íntima que conoces. ¡Todo esto es corregir tu español! Perfecta!
Sep 1, 2023
Student Dalila Lobo
Dalila Lobo
12 Spanish lessons
Juli siempre es muy paciente y alentadora. Sus clases son excelentes, con cada clase me siento más tranquila y puedo ver que también estoy evolucionando.
Jun 23, 2023
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