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Chinese (Mandarin)
Veterinarian with a passion for languages happy to help you with general and medical Spanish.
From MexicoLiving in Mexico City, Mexico (10:14 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 7, 2017
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Hi, my name is Melisa and I´m a veterinarian from Mexico City. I´d be very happy to help you learn this beautiful language! Our lessons will be adapted to your learning style, needs and level. Also, I can help you with medical topics and vocabulary.

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1,198 Reviews

Student Chris
35 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Medical Spanish with Melisa – For years I spoke my rudimentary (and in retrospect often incorrect) medical Spanish at work but I didn’t see any improvement, maybe in part because my patients are too polite to correct me. But now with italki I’m finally making progress. Melisa wrote up some medical dialogues for me and we work through the specific language that I use for performing an H&P, giving patient instructions, etc. She knows the proper terminology and she patiently helps me to clean up my phrasing to sound more appropriate and professional. Plus, she has a great sense of humor and is just a lot of fun to talk with about all kinds of topics. My patients have complimented me on my progress and I encourage them with their budding English, all of which makes our clinical encounters all the more enjoyable.
Jul 19, 2019
Student Kirk
27 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melisa is by far the best tutor/conversation partner I have found. She is patient, able to speak slowly and clearly when needed, has an excellent command of English to help with translation, and is an interesting person to chat with, knowledgeable in many topics. Thank you Melisa!
Jan 13, 2018
Student HannahKim
153 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melisa is a very attentive and informative teacher. As an English teacher in my real life, I feel so lucky to have found her. Her own struggles with learning other languages definitely helped her become more patient and supportive teacher understanding her students who are likely to go through the similar learning process. Thank you Melisa!
Sep 18, 2017
Student Colleen Cooper
Colleen Cooper
67 Spanish lessons
Wonderful interactive conversation
Jan 22, 2024
Student Terry Haru
Terry Haru
281 Spanish lessons
I have had Melisa as a conversational practice teacher for four and a half years. During this time, she has demonstrated an incredible ability to match my language learning to wherever my level was and has done so with good humor, patience, warm respect, and a truly delightful and interesting personality that has made learning Spanish a joy and something to look forward to. In short, Melisa is an awesome teacher of her language, and I say this as a former teacher myself.
Oct 30, 2023
Student Christopher Huebner
Christopher Huebner
3 Spanish lessons
Melisa does an incredible job. Lessons are engaging and her feedback is very helpful.
Oct 27, 2023
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