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Hi ! feel free to book my class. i'm looking forward to help you improve your lao language.
From Lao People's Democratic RepublicLiving in Pakxe, Lao People's Democratic Republic (04:27 UTC+07:00)
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italki teacher since May 5, 2022
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Hi, I'm Lee. I live in Pakse, Champasack. I'm teaching Lao on Italki and running my family business. I can speak 4 languages Lao, Thai, English and basic Japanese (my japanese Level is only N5) こんにちは、私はリーと言います。ラオスのパクセーに住んでおり、家業を手続いながらラオス語を教えています。ラオス語、タイ語、英語と日本語話せますよ。でも私日本語はN5レベルだけですね

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Student Esconde
16 Lao lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been having great lessons with Miss Lee Luly. I am a heritage language learner. From the first lesson, she has powerpoint presentations prepared and a structured lesson plan for beginning students. She is energetic and very proactive about making sure that I feel confident in my pronunciation. Whenever she can, she adds in cultural notes such as how to be respectful when you meet monks in Laos or different personal pronouns people use in different regions or settings. She explains everything in English and can even give some more explanation in Japanese (I am currently living in Japan.) リイ先生の授業はとても楽しくて、わかりやすかったです!ラオス語だけでなく、ラオスの文化を教えています。先生はとても明るくて親切です。次回のレッスンも楽しみにしています。いつもありがとうございます。
Dec 19, 2023
Student Daniel
169 Lao lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Lee is the best language teacher I've had in over a decade of learning several languages, including hundreds of iTalki lessons. 1.) She taught me to read Lao in just 2 weeks. I had no prior experience. 2.) She taught me the most important phrases, words, and concepts for communicating with Lao people naturally. 3.) She taught me Lao culture and customs. Laos is a conservative country, it's important to understand how Lao people think if you want to spend time in Laos. 4.) She is flexible and allowed me to reschedule lessons whenever I needed to. -5.) Class feels more like talking to a friend than a teacher. 6.) She taught me slang and the different particles which is very difficult to understand. 7.) She gave me a Lao name and helped me get adjusted to being in Laos. I highly recommended Lee!
Aug 21, 2023
Student Biancake
59 Lao lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lee is an awesome teacher who caters and customises her lessons to her students needs. I’ve been having lessons with Lee about 1-2 times a week since March. In that time I’ve been able to make small talk and formulate sentences in Lao. I’m currently learning how to read and write which is harder than I thought but with Lee helping me I hope to understand the basics soon! Thank you so much Lee!! 🤍🤍🤍
Jul 6, 2023
Student Murakami
11 Lao lessons
Mar 29, 2024
Student Esconde
16 Lao lessons
As always, Lee is patient and encouraging. It can be really difficult to try and read Lao but Lee gives students the opportunity to try by themselves and to make mistakes. This kind of trial and error learning is guided and challenges students to get better at their own pace.
Mar 27, 2024
Student Esconde
16 Lao lessons
Lee is always cheerful and works very hard to help students feel secure and improve their pronunciation. She is able to keep the flow of classes going and maximizes the time for students to practice as much as possible. It can be really difficult to learn to read and speak Lao, but Lee is really patient and encouraging. She is able to supply materials for review and offers homework as well to challenge students.
Mar 25, 2024
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