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I am from Minnesota, USA and am currently living in Valencia, Spain. I enjoy learning languages and I continue to study Spanish, Mandarin and Norwegian. My passions include making educational videos, playing piano, camping, hiking and snowboarding. The past 6 years I lived in Colorado working at an immigrant resources center, teaching English and playing in pop bands. I moved to Spain a few months ago in order to improve my Spanish and learn about the culture here. So far I am having a great time!

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17 Reviews

Jordan Moon
2 English lessons
Dear Erica. I wanted to take a moment to express my immense appreciation for yesterday's lesson, particularly our deep dive into the intriguing history of America's Wild West. It was an exceptionally enjoyable class, filled with enriching discussions and fascinating insights that truly captivated my interest.The way you brought the era of the Wild West to life was nothing short of remarkable. Your expertise in American history shone brightly as you navigated us through the intricate details of that tumultuous period. The stories of outlaws, cowboys, and the gold rush painted a vivid picture of a bygone era that has long fascinated both historians and enthusiasts alike.Thank you for creating such an engaging and educational environment. Your passion for teaching and your depth of knowledge in American history made this class not just a learning experience but a journey through time. I am looking forward to more classes like this.
Dec 5, 2023
Jordan Moon
2 English lessons
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your English classes. Through your classes, my understanding and skills in English have greatly improved. Your classes are always engaging and informative. Your sense of humor and enthusiasm keep me motivated and engaged in every lesson. You have taught me English from the basics to the advanced level in a systematic and comprehensive way. Your pronunciation correction has been especially helpful. Your careful and meticulous instruction has helped me improve my pronunciation a lot. You are also very patient and understanding. You always answer my questions kindly, and you always try to help me improve my weaknesses. Your guidance has given me confidence in my English. Your classes have made English more enjoyable for me. They have also given me the joy of learning English. I am confident that my English skills will continue to improve thanks to your classes. Thank you again for your wonderful classes.
Nov 9, 2023
Mónica Redondo
65 English lessons
muy buena profesora
Jul 19, 2023
56 English lessons
Erica is a great teacher and a wonderful person. The lessons are fun, and you feel immediately comfortable. She is also very helpful and can meet you needs in learning and improving your English.
Dec 19, 2022
Mónica Redondo
65 English lessons
muy buena profesora la recomiendo mucho!
Nov 2, 2022
Mónica Redondo
65 English lessons
Muy buena clase y muy buena profesora
Sep 15, 2022
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