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Hi! I’m Ryu from Japan and I am a native speaker of Japanese. I also speak English and Filipino fluently. I have lived in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. I was a flight attendant and I love traveling, learning different languages, and listening to music. I have been learning Spanish and I love listening to Spanish / Latin American music. Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, K-Pop? TWICE. I love to travel because I want to experience the unknown. It’s amazing how it makes us appreciate the opportunity and experience of a lifetime, while learning and having fun at the same time. 海外生活長い、旅好き、音楽好き、日本語英語比語

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Jin-Ah Kim
12 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Murakami sensei is an excellent teacher. I booked my first lesson with him because of the way he spoke in his self-introduction video: eloquent and sophisticated. I’ve been learning a great number of essential, useful words and expressions from him, and he always encourages me to ask him questions to make sure we are on the same page. Murakami sensei is a supportive, engaging teacher with a great sense of humor. 우연히 무라카미 선생님의 자기소개영상을 보게되었는데 부드러운 목소리에 말씀을 매우 지적으로하셔서 레슨을 신청했었습니다. 첫 레슨에서 한시간내내 영상과 똑같은 느낌으로 말씀을하시기에 그이후로 계속 레슨을 받고있어요. 매 레슨마다 필수적이고 유용한 단어나 표현들을 정말 많이배우고있고, 혹시 제가 질문이있는지 자주 물어봐주셔서 매번 편한마음으로 레슨을 받고있습니다. 유머감각도 많으시고, 레슨중에는 항상 집중하시며 도움을 주시려하는 마음이 느껴지는 선생님이십니다.
Apr 27, 2023
Sean Smith (ション)
1 Japanese lesson
Teacher’s pick
Ryu-san is very cool and knowledgeable. He's easy going, patient, and will give you professional feedback on your Japanese. We talked about a lot of interesting topics including our Filipino backgrounds and traveling. 今日はありがとうございます!
Apr 26, 2023
Andrés Hidalgo F
34 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ryu San is one of the kindest teacher I have had,if you are looking for someone friendly,funny and professional Ruy san is the perfect option! Does not matter if you are in a low level he helped me a lot and always teaching me how to say the phrases in a more normal japanesse way.Definetly I will recommend Ryu whatever your level is.
Mar 5, 2023
Jacob Xi
14 Japanese lessons
Went away on vacation for a few weeks, feels so good to take class from Ryu San again!
May 16, 2023
Nicholas Netto
10 Japanese lessons
Great session. Thank you Ryu sensei.
May 15, 2023
Ryan Richards
12 Japanese lessons
Ryu was great. I wanted to study specific topics and he took the time to prepare before hand. I am excited for my future lessons with him and being prepared for my trip to Japan.
May 3, 2023
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