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Filipino (Tagalog)
Top 1% tutor of 2022, a nocturnal, probably available in your timezone :D
From JapanLiving in Malolos, Philippines (12:25 UTC+08:00)
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Hi! I’m Ryu from Japan and I am a native speaker of Japanese. I also speak English and Filipino fluently. I have lived in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. I was a flight attendant and I love traveling, learning different languages, and listening to music. I have been learning Spanish and I love listening to Spanish / Latin American music. Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, K-Pop? TWICE. I love to travel because I want to experience the unknown. It’s amazing how it makes us appreciate the opportunity and experience of a lifetime, while learning and having fun at the same time. 海外生活長い、旅好き、音楽好き、日本語英語比語

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270 Reviews

Student Nana
14 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ryu is a great teacher, I highly recommend him! He’s patient, and puts everything into context which makes it a lot easier to understand. And he teaches both the formal and informal version of vocabulary. I will continue taking classes with him!
Jan 28, 2024
Student Joe W
Joe W
26 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Taking lessons with Ryu has been an amazing way to practice my Japanese. He's a natural conversation partner, and is always actively listening. He politely corrects my Japanese, and his excellent English skills are super helpful for bridging the gap in understanding. Highly recommend you check him out!
Jul 25, 2023
Student Andrés Hidalgo F
Andrés Hidalgo F
34 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ryu San is one of the kindest teacher I have had,if you are looking for someone friendly,funny and professional Ruy san is the perfect option! Does not matter if you are in a low level he helped me a lot and always teaching me how to say the phrases in a more normal japanesse way.Definetly I will recommend Ryu whatever your level is.
Mar 5, 2023
Student Mu Yao | 慕堯
Mu Yao | 慕堯
9 Japanese lessons
I really enjoy our lessons - they are comfortable and easy to understand!
May 13, 2024
Student Andrew
2 Japanese lessons
Ryu is a great teacher. He talks at a speed that I can understand. He's great at making corrections and giving context to all lessons. His lesson was personalized for my upcoming trip. Role-playing restaurant ordering is very helpful.
May 9, 2024
Student Mu Yao | 慕堯
Mu Yao | 慕堯
9 Japanese lessons
I enjoyed Ryu's lessons greatly - very easy to talk to, casual, and friendly and informative.
May 2, 2024
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