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From FranceLiving in Denpasar, Indonesia (14:28 UTC+08:00)
Professeur certifiée - Fun and dynamic classes ! 🇫🇷
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italki teacher since Feb 21, 2022
Hello, My name is Charlotte, I am 27 years old. I have always been passionate about teaching. I studied Physical Education and became a teacher in France. In the meantime, I traveled a lot and loved to speak English. I also loved to learn a few words from the country I was in and to teach a few French words back. Thereby, I choose to study again to become a French teacher! After traveling for a year in southeast Asia, I needed to settle for a while. I now live in Bali, Indonesia. I am learning Bahasa Indonesia and I take classes twice a week.

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66 Reviews

3 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’m preparing for a work-specific French exam and was able to do a few mock exam practices with Charlotte, plus an introduction lesson. Charlotte was patient, kind, flexible and provided me with tailored feedback that really helped me improve my French at a professional level for my occupation. I would definitely book with Charlotte again without hesitation! Merci Charlotte 🇫🇷
Aug 14, 2022
28 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great lesson as usual. I’ve been taking weekly lessons with Charlotte for a while and she’s a charm. I recommend her if you wanna get better in your conversation and have fun learning.Thanks Charlotte!
Jul 26, 2022
Matt Jenkin
35 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm seeing loads of improvement after 10 general French skills lessons with Charlotte, especially in my listening comprehension and grammar. We usually start each lesson with a short chat then a review of the homework, before moving onto exercises on a new topic or revisiting things I struggle with. The exercises range from discussing short videos or comics, doing grammar drills, to creative oral expression exercises. I highly recommend Charlotte and look forward to the next 10 lessons!
May 20, 2022
Allen Spring
9 French lessons
Charlotte is very patient and helpful in correcting my french. Merci beaucoup.
Jan 6, 2023
14 French lessons
Charlotte is a really good french teacher. Finding an Italki tutor isn't hard, but finding one that matches your style and you get a long with is hard. Charlotte has a great personality and has a great ability to communicate and teach. She let's you drive and talk so you get practique, but knows when to stop to give you corrections. Also, she goes the extra mile to type a lot of stuff down so there are notes for you to save for review. Highly recommended, I hope to get to B2 with her Charlotte est le plus bon professor de français à mon avis, ça coule de source dit le proverb. Concrétement, elle fait toujours un effort suppelemntaire pour taper notre conversation sur une ficher en ligne et est tourjours de bon humour! L'apprentissage de français n'est pas très facile, mais si vous puissiez trouver quelq'un avec vous s'entendre, ce n'est pas trop mauvaise. En fin de compte, peut-être ça est le plus important chose. J'attends toujour notre prochaine leçon avec impatience!
Jan 3, 2023
Miya Kawagoe
2 French lessons
Elle est patiente et souriante. Elle m’a écouté tellement bien que j’étais à l’aise de parler.
Dec 23, 2022
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