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271 Reviews

Student Kajal Pawar
Kajal Pawar
25 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Louisa est une excellente enseignante. Elle m'a énormément aidée à préparer mon examen TEF Canada. Lors de ma première épreuve, j'ai obtenu le C2 en expression orale après m'être entraînée avec Louisa. Elle a toujours des conseils très utiles et des ressources pour la pratique et est toujours prête à aider. Je trouve également nos conversations très intéressantes et j'attends avec plaisir nos leçons. De plus, elle est toujours à l'heure et n'annule jamais sans prévenir à l'avance. Elle essaie toujours de s'adapter aux demandes de changement d'horaire aussi.
Mar 21, 2024
Student Audrey Blunt
Audrey Blunt
108 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I completed the 3-month Intensive Program with Louisa from May to August this year, and I highly, highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their French exponentially in a short amount of time, and create a really solid foundation for advanced French later on. It involves a good balance of in-class learning, homework, and conversation that really helped integrate everything I was learning. Classes were so valuable (and fun!), and even though we went through lots of material quickly, Louisa incorporated plenty of review so I never forgot the significant things I’d learned along the way. Louisa is both a really intelligent and really personable professor, so you’ll always feel motivated to learn and encouraged throughout the process. I genuinely cannot think of anything that could be improved about this course! It was by far the most effective method of learning French I’ve ever encountered, and I would seriously recommend it to any French learner. Thank you Louisa!!
Aug 18, 2023
Student Claire Anderson
Claire Anderson
50 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
This marks my 50th (45 min) lesson with Louisa, and I just passed the advanced level of the OPI French language exam! I came to Louisa almost 3 months ago with very little confidence in my French. I’d taken some classes years ago but I’d had no practice speaking regularly in full sentences. Louisa created a customized learning plan based on my goals, and was flexible to adjust based on my interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc. I made more progress during these months than I could have imagined and ended up taking my OPI exam early bc I felt ready, and could speak confidently. She’s so reliable, helpful, and kind. She makes it easy! She provides helpful materials, prompts and homework. And takes notes for you in a Google doc that you can easily access and study from. It’s been by far the best way I could have learned a new language. Thank you so much, Louisa!! Highly recommend :)
Mar 23, 2023
Student Inga
7 French lessons
Louisa is very patient, kind and helpful teacher. Lessons are varied, interesting and well organized. I enjoy every class, highly recommend :)
May 26, 2024
Student Nana
7 French lessons
Had a great class today! Louisa encouraged me to speak in French and I was able to practice my listening skills as well.
May 20, 2024
Student Nana
7 French lessons
Every single interaction with Louisa is a learning opportunity and makes learning content very easy to remember.
May 20, 2024
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