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Hey 👋🏻 I'm Louisa, I've been teaching for over 3 years 😍 I helped over 200 persons achieve their goals 💪🏼 and improve their language skills 😁 I'm looking for enthusiastic students 😎 who want to take their language level to the fluency 🤠 If you're willing to become a successful french speaker 🔊 let me know 🤩

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💪🏼 Structured (Grammar, Listening, Writing, Reading...) / NO ZOOM 💪🏼
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189 Reviews

51 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Louisa est fantastique! Elle est toujours patiente, gentille et explique très bien les choses! 😄
May 25, 2023
Claire Anderson
50 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
This marks my 50th (45 min) lesson with Louisa, and I just passed the advanced level of the OPI French language exam! I came to Louisa almost 3 months ago with very little confidence in my French. I’d taken some classes years ago but I’d had no practice speaking regularly in full sentences. Louisa created a customized learning plan based on my goals, and was flexible to adjust based on my interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc. I made more progress during these months than I could have imagined and ended up taking my OPI exam early bc I felt ready, and could speak confidently. She’s so reliable, helpful, and kind. She makes it easy! She provides helpful materials, prompts and homework. And takes notes for you in a Google doc that you can easily access and study from. It’s been by far the best way I could have learned a new language. Thank you so much, Louisa!! Highly recommend :)
Mar 23, 2023
Samuel Innocent-Prim
69 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
A truly amazing teacher. I started with her having almost no confidence in my ability to speak French and in a few short months working with her, my confidence has shot through the roof and I'm able to conversate comfortably in French. She's never late and always understanding and manages to motivate and keep me on track of my goals. I couldn't recommend her enough
Feb 27, 2023
Kit P
7 French lessons
I've had a few lessons with Louisa now and our conversations are always so much fun. She explains words I don't know/want to know very well and gives me natural corrections when I make mistakes, so that I can correct my mistakes and continue speaking. I always look forward to our conversations and I feel like I'm making progress each time :-D Highly recommend taking her lessons!
May 25, 2023
Kenzie Anderson
41 French lessons
J'adore mes cours avec Louisa ! Elle m'aide à améliorer mon français et nous avons des conversations très intéressantes. Merci pour ton aide ! Je la recommande
May 23, 2023
Muhammad Zulfiqar
1 French lesson
I had my first trail lesson with Louisa, and I must say that she's extremely punctual, driven, and motivating. She understood my objective and suggested a perfect timeline and study plan that would help me hit my goal of reaching B2 level French. I like her for honesty, transparency and seriousness that she has towards her students. I am looking forward to enrolling in her 3 month Intensive Program!
May 17, 2023
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