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Diplomat and International Trade Negotiator
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italki teacher since Feb 14, 2022
Hi! Thanks for looking at my profile! I'm a native English speaker from London, England. I have a Masters degree in International Relations from Cambridge University and I've worked for a number of years as a diplomat and international trade negotiator for the British government. I've lived in countries all over the world (including China, Russia, Italy, and others). I love learning new languages and, even more, I love helping other people to learn English! My interests include international politics, history and economics, as well as world cinema and literature.

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37 Reviews

Francesco Alzetta
7 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Probably the best British teacher of English on all iTalki.
May 17, 2022
27 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I couldn’t be happier studying with Hugh. Impressively, Hugh has perfectly well managed the class and learning materials. In his classes, we have both discussions about articles he has previously sent and also open and deep conversation about related and general topics. Not strict only on the structured lessons. Plus, he has kindly and patiently helped correct me in a comfortable, respectful, and polite way and also help me speak in a more intelligent way with wide and accurate vocabulary and idioms. As a consequence, I find it’s overall a more comfortable way for me to learn English and I feel much more relaxed in his classes. Importantly, I find it’s noticeable for me that I have immensely gained better speaking fluency, accuracy and especially confidence since I started studying with Hugh. I feel so grateful and thoroughly satisfied and sincerely appreciate him and his classes.
May 11, 2022
34 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It has been one and half month since I started having conversation practices with Hugh on a weekly basis. It is incredible but I feel already much more confident than before in using English in my everyday life (both at work and privately). Hugh's knowledge and his analytical skills are very impressive. We discussed topics relating for example to Culture, International Relationships, Psychology, History and Linguistics. The articles and videos that he choses for each lesson are of excellent quality and really stimulating. Every week I am literally looking forward to our next discussion. So, I recommend him very much.
Mar 30, 2022
Alina Shchednykh
30 English lessons
There is always something to discuss with Hugh! You’ll never get bored! Hugh is the teacher who every time finds a topic to talk about and expresses sincere interest when you tell him something. Undoubtedly you’ll also be looking forward to every next class with him! :)
Nov 18, 2022
64 English lessons
Hugh is an incredibly kind teacher. No matter what level you are at, he will work with you and help you to find your way to learning this language. And, he is one of the best tutors that I’ve encountered. Before him, I was struggling with my English speaking and writing as they were my weaker parts. One day I found him, and it changed my life forever. He is extremely patient and professional at all times. He helped me reach further since I started lessons on Italki. He will change your relationship with English.
Nov 4, 2022
64 English lessons
Hugh has an incredible gift for teaching. His classes seem like conversations with a friend, but there is a lot of practical learning going on. I learned something new from every class, plus gained valuable feedback on each topic of IELTS speaking.
Oct 28, 2022
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