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🎉 SCHEDULE for JUNE UPDATED🎉 Hello, everyone! Konnichiwa! I’m Moe from Kyoto and currently living in France. After graduating from the university, I worked at a company for several years and worked at a Japanese language school for 4 years. I studied English in Australia, interpretation in Canada also have learned Chinese as a second foreign language in the university. Currently I'm dedicated for studying French. Taking photos, traveling, doing Yoga are my hobbies! I’ve been to more than 15 countries so far and what I like when I visit the new place is communicating with locals and get to know their cultures. I’m a positive and friendly person, so feel free to ask me anything♩

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Andrew Leeuwenberg
40 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Moesans lessons are very good and are delivered in a fun, relaxed and informative manner. In the lessons there is a good balance when learning new grammar and practicing it afterwards to ensure it is understood. The homework feedback is also very useful to practice all the learnt grammar further. Thank you.
Jan 12, 2023
58 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Reasons you should take classes with もえ先生! 1) She's very kind and encouraging. I know she won't judge my mistakes and will celebrate when I get it right. 2) Her syllabus for beginners is comprehensive & well-paced. It's perfect if you don't know where to start or if you like following a course. 3) Her lessons are well presented with useful & interesting materials that encourage me to use Japanese. 4) She's great at explaining grammar. I always understand the class & learn something new. 5) She sends me the grammar after each lesson so I can use them to study in my own time. 6) She sets optional homework so I can practise my handwriting, vocabulary & grammar from the lessons if I have time. 7) She gives useful feedback that helps me continue to grow in my Japanese journey. 8) Our lessons are always full of laughter! 9) She's very reliable and professional 10) She breaks down new words so I understand how to recognise similar words in the future. 素晴らしい先生です!I'm so happy with my progress⭐️
Jul 29, 2022
13 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another lesson down! Moe-san is a patient, kind, and conscientious sensei. I had a great lesson with her. Her teaching flow is fluid and her slides are well put together. She explained grammar well and we had plenty of practice speaking. She tries to speak mostly in Japanese so I get used to hearing it as well as pick up on some of the vocabs, but it helps tremendously that she is proficient in English, especially when I don't understand something and need a more in-depth explanation. Thank you for an excellent lesson Moe-san!!
Mar 11, 2022
26 Japanese lessons
Today Moe san taught me how to count up to 1 hundred million and do some simple math in Japanese! It was like a heigh intensity interval training for my brain😆 and a lot of fun 🙌👍👍 Thanks so much 🙏
May 26, 2023
26 Japanese lessons
Such a cheerful class! It’s a pleasure to study with Moe san, she teaches in a very enjoyable and effective manner and also provides me with useful supplementary materials and practice drills!!
May 23, 2023
58 Japanese lessons
May 22, 2023
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