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Passionate and highly motivated tutor with 3 years of experience ready to help you with a smile
From ItalyLiving in Florence, Italy (16:01 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 13, 2022
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🌠Ciao! Sono Francesco. Sono attivo, curioso, sensibile e appassionato. Vengo da una piccola città vicino a Firenze e Pisa, nella mia amata Toscana. Attualmente frequento un master in International Cooperation a Torino. Hi! I am Francesco, I am active and curious, sensitive and passionate I come from a little village nearby Florence and Pisa, in my beloved Tuscany! Currently, I'm attending a master degree in International Cooperation. I really enjoy teaching, learning languages and sharing my knowledge of italian with the others I love writing poems too.

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Ruben Aguilar
37 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Francesco is an amazing person, and chatting with him feels like chatting with a friend. I feel comfortable with him, and we speak about a wide variety of topics during our lessons. He is highly encouraging, and he is excellent at typing out all his suggestions and corrections for me to improve more quickly. Francesco is extremely patient and kind. I highly suggest taking lessons with him if you want to practice speaking Italian with an open-minded and intelligent person and want to have fun while doing so.
Apr 4, 2023
6 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
It’s always a pleasure talking with Francesco ! The lesson went smoothly and it was an very enjoyable conversation. His knowledge of other latin languages and English proficiency make it really easy for him to correct me and to recommend me which words I can use. Ci vediamo presto !
Jan 27, 2023
37 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Francesco is a great teacher and has helped me a lot to improve my Italian. The classes are very enjoyable and go by very quickly. He is really helpful and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Italian 😁
Feb 24, 2022
Frank Caesar
6 Italian lessons
It's always an amazing experience to have classes with Francesco. He's a very good person, and his help has been of great value to my Italian learning and overall knowledge. I totally recommend this awesome teacher who is one of the best I've ever had. I'm learning Italian effortlessly, and I've been speaking my target language since our first class. Thank you very much, Italki, for this superb teacher in your staff, and thank you, Francesco for such awesome classes! Success, and DFTBA!
Oct 31, 2023
Frank Caesar
6 Italian lessons
I'm enjoying the classes with Francesco. He's very, very nice! If you need a good friend to talk to or a tutor to teach La belissima lengua di Dante, hire Francesco because he will make you feel comfortable speaking even if you make mistakes in the beginning. You learn so naturally that even not realizing you'll be speaking Italian. That's my testimony because I've gotten to speak since our first class. Thank you, Italki for having such a great tutor in your staff, and thank you, Francesco for the amazing classes! DFTBA, my brother!
Oct 17, 2023
20 Italian lessons
È troppo intelligente che dice molto alto livello dei proverbi!!!
Oct 13, 2023
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