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Hola soy Cristina, nací en Costa Rica, mi idioma nativo es el español, actualmente soy estudiante de Medicina, me considero una persona muy activa me gusta mucho las actividades al aire libre, además soy muy enérgica y sociable y disfruto muchísimo conversar, uno de mis sueños es conocer diferentes culturas Hello I'm Cristina, I was born in Costa Rica, my native language is Spanish, I am currently a medical student, I consider myself a very active person I really like outdoor activities, I am also very energetic and sociable and I really enjoy talking, one of my dreams is to know different cultures

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52 Spanish lessons
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Cristina es la mejor profesora de iTalki! Hoy hemos hablado de un tema un poco abstracto para salir de mi zona de confort. Estaba un poco nervioso pero cuando ella y yo empezamos a hablar siempre me siento cómoda. Muy parecido como hablar con una amiga :). A veces el camino para aprender un idioma extranjero puede ser muy largo, difícil y aun aburrido, pero hablar con ella es una de las cosas que espero hacer. Cristina is the best professor on iTalki! Today we spoke about a bit of an abstract topic to try and break out of my comfort zone/move beyond talking about typical topics. I was a bit nervous but whenever her and I get to talking she makes the environment very confortable right away, very much like talking to a friend :). I think we can all agree that the road to learning a new language can be very difficult and even boring, but talking with Cristina is definitely something I enjoy doing in the process.
Jan 15, 2023
16 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great teacher. Highly recommend. She’s a medical school student, and so if you’re like me and you’re in health care, she’s an especially good resource. But even if you’re not, she has clear Spanish, great rates, very good English and great availability.
Sep 28, 2022
36 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cristina was really great, and I enjoyed talking with her! She is super nice, helpful, and always can thinking of topics to prolong the conversation. I highly recommend taking a class with Cristina! A++
Jun 25, 2022
4 Spanish lessons
After 3 lessons with Cristina, I wanted to share my experience. Cristina is a fantastic conversationalist who knows how to keep the discussion flowing! She is always positive and makes each lesson engaging. Cristina is very knowledgeable about Costa Rica–the culture, the different regions and towns, and, of course, the language. She brings a smile and a great attitude to every conversation. I highly recommend you try a lesson with Cristina!
Oct 3, 2023
Kiona Cheng
5 Spanish lessons
I had a wonderful lesson this morning! Cristina speaks clearly and is so easy to understand in Spanish. She can also explain things in and understand English perfectly. She adjusted the lesson well to fit my learning needs and provided corrections in a polite and effective way. I would highlight recommend taking her class. Thank you!
Sep 24, 2023
52 Spanish lessons
Olvidé la mayor parte del idioma hoy pero Cristina me mantuvo por buen camino como siempre 👨‍🎓
May 23, 2023
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