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Achieve native fluency, improve your speaking skills, gain confidence speaking English!
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italki teacher since Mar 6, 2022
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PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM ONLY ABLE TO RESCHEDULE OR REFUND A LESSON GIVEN A 24-HOUR PRIOR NOTICE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. I was raised bilingual in English & Turkish. I have German, British and Turkish ancestry, and ever since my childhood, I have been interested in languages and different cultures. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy recently finished my masters in Linguistics. I have a passion and curiosity for music and enjoy playing an Anatolian instrument called "bağlama" every now and then.Setting out on long-distance travels or hiking in the countryside are my favorite activities to relax and find a peaceful state of mind.

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124 Reviews

Student Sayuri
10 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my first lesson with Teacher Yusuf and I was impressed by how skillful he is as a teacher! I might have found the lesson I was looking for for a long time! It was a conversation lesson, but I was surprised by how informative it was. Teacher Yusuf is a teacher who can assist you get out of a plateau (+ your own effort is necessary, of course!), I assume! During the conversation, he makes notes in the chat in detail with corrections and alternative expressions of what you’ve just said. And he does this in a flowing manner, without interrupting or losing track of a conversation. And he sends you a chat history after the lesson so that you can learn from it. This is exactly the kind of lesson you would like to have when you are aiming to push yourself to the next level of proficiency. It’s an interactive and bidirectional lesson, where you can mainly put your effort into output and receive informative input at the same time. I will definitely continue taking his lessons and keep l
May 11, 2023
Student Katrin Celisi
Katrin Celisi
21 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Yusuf has an exceptional gift for leading truly interesting and entertaining conversations. His extensive education and linguistic expertise allow him to offer alternative expressions incredibly quickly. Just great! He stands out for his friendliness, intelligence and presence and he creates a relaxed and supportive learning atmosphere. I highly recommend teacher Yusuf !
Apr 7, 2023
Student 天山雪Abraham
86 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Very good teacher! With his help, I feel very confident in learning English. He is a scholar of English teaching.He is very famillar with English expressions.
Oct 31, 2022
Student Jack
8 English lessons
Thank you Yusuf for inspiring conversations, and great subjects affordable. See you soon
Mar 21, 2024
Student 胡tiger
3 English lessons
We had a lovely time together,The teacher's expertise in guiding the conversation and providing constructive feedback helped me build my speaking confidence, Thanks very much
Mar 12, 2024
Student özlem
5 English lessons
The best teacher ever. I'm very happy to meet you. Everything about learning is exactly what I wanted. I'm really very lucky. I'm learning faster than I expected. Thank you for everything.
Mar 4, 2024
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