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Hello, My name is Melvin Lamy, and I am French. I've been French in Slovakia since September 2021. I am in my final year of studying to become a French teacher. My goal is to teach French online and to help you learn my language. I have several passions such as literature, modern art, and traveling, cooking, sports, and, of course, teaching. During my experience teaching in a Slovak school, I learned to be patient, understanding, and tolerant of my students. My main goal is for you to be at ease in my class. I am versatile, and I can help you prepare for language exams, work on your spoken and written expression, as well as your listening and reading comprehension. Merci beaucoup !

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Trial Lesson
17 lessons completed
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Conversation Practice
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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20 Reviews

Elizabeth west
2 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melvin is great to take a lesson from! He is professional, polite, and a very good conversation partner. Not only do I learn French, but I also learn things about politics, culture, and France as a country. I highly recommend him to anyone!
Apr 11, 2022
3 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melvin is a great techer. I've been taking his conversational classes and it helps me to practice my French. He brings up interesting topics to talk about and he is patient while I try to gather my thoughts. Highly recommend his classes!
Apr 11, 2022
Sam DuBose
4 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melvin jumped straight in and seemed knowledgeable. He used the chat feature a lot to solidify oral/written comprehension. He was very straight to the point so it really felt like I was getting the most out of my trial lesson.
Apr 10, 2022
Alan Lu
2 French lessons
Melvin is great at keeping the conversation going on. He gives you to the opportunity to speak as much as possible. He is able to keep you at ease during the lesson.
Jul 31, 2022
Elena Mandrik
5 French lessons
My daughter has a great experience in her French lessons
Jul 25, 2022
Elena Mandrik
5 French lessons
Melvin is a great teacher. My daughter (12yo) really likes her lessons and it is a big pleasure to see that they found a lot common topics to discuss
Jul 18, 2022
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