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Yumi senseiゆみせんせい

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An English speaking Japanese teacher, a mom of a kid, anime lover and ex-elementary school teacher
From JapanLiving in Amsterdam, Netherlands (09:09 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Aug 17, 2022
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Hi, my name is Yumi, it is so nice to meet you! I am a native Japanese speaker, born and raised in Chiba (land of peanuts and home to Tokyo Disney Resorts!), Japan. Let me introduce two of my favourite things: The 1st one is traveling. I love exploring new places, getting lost, learning about history and cultures during a trip. There were over 15 countries I had visited before the pandemic and I have even lived in the UK for more than 4 years. I've moved to the Netherlands since March 2023 and I'm enjoying a new adventure! My other favourite is...anime and manga! I also am a big fan of voice actors. My favourite works? Don’t get me started. You can find out more if you take a lesson!

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Japanese language for parents who raise children in Japan
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Japanese for manga/animation lovers!
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Japanese language for children aged 7-12 years old.
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Casual Japanese conversation practice for intermediate students
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General Japanese lessons tailoured for you: All Level
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64 Reviews

Student Dionne Seah
Dionne Seah
11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Just had another wonderful lesson with Yumi-sensei. I always look forward to her classes because there's always something to learn from her. She's very patient with me, even when I don't use the right words and will gently teach me to use the right ones. Because of her, I'm starting to feel more confident in speaking Japanese! またゆみ先生から素晴らしいレッスンをもらいました。いつも新しいことが学べるので、レッスンを楽しみにしています。私は正しい言葉を使わないときでも、先生はとても辛抱しくて、正しい言葉の使い方を優しく教えてくれます。ゆみ先生のおかげで、段々自信が持てるように日本語を話せることになりました。
Dec 5, 2023
Student Briana Taylor
Briana Taylor
21 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another great session today! I feel like I'm actually getting a little better at Japanese thanks to Yumi-sensei! Today we checked the answers to an N3 practice test and Yumi-sensei explained things in a way I could understand and remember! Thank you again Yumi-sensei for your help!
Nov 9, 2023
Student Mae and Evangeline
Mae and Evangeline
19 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my daughter’s first lesson with Yumi-sensei and she loved it! Yumi was able to quickly build a great rapport with my daughter and they talked about anime, food, among other things. I will definitely be booking more lessons for my daughter. Arigato!
Oct 18, 2022
Student ann
28 Japanese lessons
My vocabulary is improving thanks to Yumi-sensei.
Mar 16, 2024
Student Dionne Seah
Dionne Seah
11 Japanese lessons
今日のレッスンは楽しかった。ゆみ先生は私にお寺とお神社のマナーを教えてくれました。そして、日本の仏教とシンガポールの仏教の違うことの話をしました。今日はたくさんのことを勉強しました。ゆみ先生のレッスンをいつも面白いので、楽しみにしています。10回のレッスンをありがとうございました。次のレッスンを楽しみにしています! Today's lesson was fun. Yumi-sensei taught me about mannerisms at Shinto shrines and Buddhism temples. We also talked about the difference between Buddhist temples in Japan and Singapore. I learnt a lot today. Lessons with Yumi-sensei are always interesting, so I always look forward to them. Thank you for the past ten lessons. Can't wait for our next class!
Jan 30, 2024
Student Jo Brown
Jo Brown
3 Japanese lessons
Yumi sensei was very friendly and put a very anxious learner like me at ease 💜
Jan 9, 2024
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