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Joaquin Zarco

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Teacher with 2 years of experience teaching Spanish in a more fun way.
From ColombiaLiving in Medellin, Colombia (18:07 UTC-05:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 26, 2022
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Hi everyone! My name is Joaquin, I am 33 years old from Colombia, and I’m currently living in Medellin. As a teacher, I’m patient, and I like to make my students feel relaxed and comfortable. I strongly believe that this is a mutual give and take journey - as I share my knowledge of Spanish with you, I will also be learning a huge amount from you! I love travelling and learning about other different cultures, and share my knowledge and experiences in return. I’m incredibly passionate about languages, because I think that it opens the door to a different world, and thus also open your mind to new experiences! It would be my absolute pleasure to help you on your journey of learning Spanish!

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56 Reviews

Student John Jamison
John Jamison
106 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I enjoyed my first class with Joaquin so much that I signed up for three classes a week. Our conversations are a really enjoyable way to practice my Spanish. I was concerned about losing it but instead I am improving it. I highly recommend Joaquin as an instructor and a conversation partner.
Jul 6, 2022
Student Jin Lee
Jin Lee
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
¡Siempre es un placer tener clases con Joaquin! Como alguien que ha tenido cientos de sesiones en Italki, puedo decir con confianza que Joaquín es uno de los tutores más abiertos, positivos e interesantes que he tenido. Los estudiantes intermedios y avanzados en particular tendrían mucho que ganar con sus clases ya que sus clases son siempre muy dinámicas y cubre una amplia profundidad de temas, desde cuestiones sociales a los deportes. Yo animaría a cualquier estudiante que quiera mejorar su nivel de español a probar sus clases de conversación.
Jul 4, 2022
Student Christopher Archer
Christopher Archer
11 Spanish lessons
Otra clase genial!
Apr 14, 2024
Student Eric
3 Spanish lessons
Joaquín es muy interesante y fácil de hablar. Altamente recomendado para practicar la práctica de hablar y escuchar.
Apr 12, 2024
Student Christopher Archer
Christopher Archer
11 Spanish lessons
Otra clase genial! Siempre disfruto de las conversaciones
Apr 9, 2024
Student Jonathan Land
Jonathan Land
1 Spanish lesson
Great teacher! He is full of life and knowledge and is good conversationalist
Apr 8, 2024
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