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Hi,I’m Sakiko. I was born and raised in Miyagi, Japan.🇯🇵 I had lived Yokohama for 4 years,🇮🇩Indonesia for 2 yrs,🇸🇬Singapore for 3years. So I can speak bahasa Indonesia,English... and singlish🤗 ⭐️My hobbies and interests⭐️ -✈️traveling -🖼traditional crafts -🍜ramen and other noodle -🏃‍♂️exercise ( yoga,body combat, jogging) -🍣cooking -🇰🇷Korean drama -🎵listen to music(clean bandit/ Jeremy zucker/ washed out) -📖reading a book((LIFE SHIFT/L’art de La Liste) 🌿nature 🌍Leaning New language Opens the door to meet new world,andBroaden our horizons. Don’t hesitate mistake, let’s enjoy! 🕊✨

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Trial Lesson
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🟨 Casual Conversation Practice for All level -Let's talk freely!
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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USD 12.00+
🟩 Grammar for N5-N4 (A1-A2) level
A1 -  A2


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🟪 Customized lesson -grammar above N3 / essay / reading / keigo conversation practice
A2 -  B1


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🟦Learn with news 📰【3-in-ONE speak&read&write】level: above N4-
A2 -  B1


32 lessons completed
USD 18.00+
⭐️semi-private grammar lesson for 2people (A1-A2)
A1 -  A2


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USD 26.00+
⭐️semi-private casual conversation course (for 2 people)
A2 -  C2


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56 Reviews

11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sakiko is a great teacher! She is patient and kind and fun to talk to. She provides a list of the vocab we covered in the lesson so I can review it later. She guides conversation well and there are never any awkward pauses, which was something I was afraid of in a conversation lesson.
Jul 7, 2022
35 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
さきこ先生は優しいし、流暢に話せない時、いつも待ってくれて、そして新しい言葉を教えてくれて、大変ありがたいです。こんな素晴らしい先生に出会えたのは幸いなことです!今日は朝ごはんについて話して、色々日本の文化が知れて、自分にとって普通なことをちゃんと人に紹介するにも勉強になりました。 先生はいつも間違えたところや新しい単語をまとめて、vocab listを作ってくださって、復習にとっても役に立つと思います。最初のレッスンではすごく緊張しましたが、先生のおかげて、今はもっと自信を持って、日本語で話せるようになりました。日本語の会話を上達させたい方にさきこ先生はおすすめです。
Apr 14, 2022
Jeria Kua
74 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teshima-sensei is lively, passionate, professional, and extremely dedicated! She puts in time and effort to help students make the most of the lesson time through detailed preparation beforehand, and carefully curates each lesson to their needs depending on their language ability. She is patient and adept at explaining concepts in a simple way. I’m extremely fortunate to be learning Japanese under Teshima-sensei and fully recommended her to everyone else!
Apr 2, 2022
Cindy Cayadi
2 Japanese lessons
Sakiko sensei is very nice and friendly. She explained new vocabularies in the chat and never ran out of things to say. I’m planning to take the news reading lesson next.
Feb 22, 2024
2 Japanese lessons
Sakikoさんはいい先生です。さきこさんは とても優しい人で 会話も楽しいです。She also studies and speaks a lot of languages, so she knows about the challenges of learning, maintaining, and balancing languages. She's super patient and she's able to understand what I'm trying to say, and she gives me the most appropriate way to say it based on my current level and goals. She's patient and easy to talk to which helps during the日本語の単語が出てこない時. She also sends you a google sheet with the vocab/grammar points/sentence structures that you went over, which is a really big help! I love that she includes the whole expression such as バランスをとる. I would've never known that would be a toru, I totally thought it would be a suru. Things like that are so helpful, so I appreciate Sakiko-san's attention to these things. Highly recommend!
Jul 31, 2023
2 Japanese lessons
Wow! I just had my 1st lesson with Sakiko-san, and it was a blast! She understands totally what I'm trying to say and is super supportive. She's so good at grasping what I'm trying to say, and she writes it out and says it for me so that I can know and practice how to say it. She's also super positive and fun to talk to! I got introduced to really useful vocabulary and also reviewed some grammar concepts. This lesson gave me hope of my future dream to do speech therapy with Japanese families who live in the US ♥️
Jul 10, 2023
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