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🖐Comfortable conversation, Top1% korean tutor from 2022😊
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😊Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Yeon-woo(연우), but you can call me Regina. I’m living in Daejeon which is a medium-sized city in Korea. so I speak standard Korean. ✅ Major in Culture and Arts/ Education (Worked as a curator and a therapist) ✅ Helping more than 1,500 students so far helping them to achieve their goals ✅ Always being open-minded for every single culture. I like to listen to other people's stories :) ✅ I'm a good listener! it's okay to ask even the same question several times :) ✅I love nature and animals, and I also love yoga and vegan food! Fear and learning can't dance together at the same time. Do u wanna get rid of your fear and dance with me?

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123 Reviews

Student Amanda
36 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Regina is a very encouraging and patient teacher. She always wants to hear what I have to say/share. She makes learning Korean more fun and is always prepared with different topics for each lesson. I have gotten a lot more comfortable speaking Korean because of my lessons with her!
Mar 17, 2024
Student Sharla Raye
Sharla Raye
19 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Regina 선생님 is very helpful with explaining grammar I don’t quite understand how to use. She is very patient with me and very encouraging during our conversation practice. She also helps in correcting grammar mistakes and introduces new words both in conversation and in writing. I look forward for more lessons with her!
Feb 26, 2023
Student Syboyg
51 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Regina is an awesome teacher and extremely supportive. She gives useful and effective homework that allows me to improve my Korean. Each class is fun and well thought out and always interesting things to discuss. For Korean I totally recommend Regina!
Oct 8, 2022
Student Erika
2 Korean lessons
Regina is a wonderful teacher; incredibly patient and encouraging. It was my first introduction to the Korean language with no prior studies or knowledge. The lesson was taught at a great pace. I’m looking forward to continuing my learning journey with Regina.
Jul 11, 2024
Student Betsy
4 Korean lessons
This is only my 4th class with Regina, and it's been several weeks since we last had a session, but I'm always impressed with her positivity and patience which appears to be without end! I'm a complete beginner and still working through the writing system. I enjoy the videos that Regina has created and I really appreciate when she sends me voice notes with letters and sound combinations I struggle with.
Jul 5, 2024
Student • Gaby •
• Gaby •
10 Korean lessons
It is always nice talking to her! She's always so happy and excited at class and always wants to hear about my own experiences and i love telling them to her! Her classes are so much fun 10/10 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Jun 18, 2024
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