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Qasim Alawneh

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Certified MAT teacher with over 4 years of experience. Here you master Arabic to unlock culture 🔓
From JordanLiving in Amman, Jordan (06:35 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 23, 2022
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Hey there, I'm Qasim, your go-to guy for all things Arabic! As a proud Jordanian, I've dedicated myself to helping others master this beautiful language. With a bachelor's degree in English language and literature from Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, I've explored the world of words and found my passion in poetry. Whether it's political ponderings or love sonnets, I've penned them in both Arabic and English. Outside of verse, you'll find me engrossed in my hobbies of writing and reading. But my journey doesn't stop there. I've also earned a Higher Diploma in teacher's education, honing my skills to become an even better educator. Currently, I'm sharing my love for Arabic as tutor on Italki

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7 Reviews

Student Hashim Soomro
Hashim Soomro
3 Arabic lessons
Qasim is a very knowledgeable teacher he was able to quickly understand my level of Arabic and structure our lesson accordingly. I recommend him to others willing to learn or refine their Arabic as he will help you do so in a safe learning environment.
May 23, 2024
Student Szymon Igla
Szymon Igla
3 Arabic lessons
Thank you Qasim for the very profesional lesson. I’m very optimistic about my improvement within your guidance :)
Apr 25, 2024
Student Jessica
1 Arabic lesson
This was an excellent first lesson with Qasim, focused on conversation and learning strategies. Shokran Qasim!
Mar 6, 2024
Student Tom Colley
Tom Colley
4 Arabic lessons
Another very good session today. Now we have gotten to know each other, Qasim and I spoke about my goals for my learning experience and Qasim will start to implement a tailored plan going forward. We agreed that we should focus on speaking and greater fluency in Arabic, which is exactly what I want from my iTalki lessons. Would recommend Qasim to anyone who has the need for a good teacher.
May 1, 2023
Student Tom Colley
Tom Colley
4 Arabic lessons
Another very good lesson with Qasim. He’s very patient and took the time to explain to me where I could improve. Would highly recommend him to anyone,
Apr 24, 2023
Student Tom Colley
Tom Colley
4 Arabic lessons
It was my first lesson with Qasim and I really enjoyed myself. He is patient and friendly, as well as being a specialist in linguistics, which allows him to help with tricky pronunciation. Qasim can help with Jordanian/Levantine or Fus7a. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a good teacher.
Apr 17, 2023
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