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Hi! I am Alp. I completed my Bachelor's degree in German Language and Literature and have been teaching languages for about two years now. My love for traveling led me to learn new languages and to visit new countries. I spent considerable time in Germany and also traveled around Europe. Although it was a great experience, I came to the conclusion that it is actually a falsehood that you have to go and live in a country in order to speak a language well. I do think you can speak a language well no matter where you live. What really matters is finding the right materials and building a well-structured language learning routine. I am here to help you on your journey with learning languages!

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58 Reviews

Student Peter LIU
Peter LIU
77 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mr all helped me a lot with my German learning journey , he helped me to pass my B2 exam, especially the speaking part , he helped me to get confident with it and get a relatively high score, he is a very friend,y and nice teacher .
Dec 10, 2023
Student Dimitris
64 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
A very patient and helpful teacher who motivates me to learn more. A very interesting person in general with whom I enjoy conversating and every lesson is productive.
Aug 20, 2022
Student Ethan
46 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alp has been very helpful so far and his lessons have been enjoyable. It’s clear that he’s vested in his students’ success. He has tailored the lessons to my level and has not only made the class engaging, but has also given me good and interesting methods for study outside of the class. I would highly recommend him to anybody.
May 24, 2022
Student Marco Palmi
Marco Palmi
2 German lessons
I had an Amazing German lesson… interactive, engaging and full of useful tips and materials .. the class is very structured with a smart learning plan so do not hesitate to book with him. Looking forward for our next !
May 19, 2024
Student Erhan Aygün
Erhan Aygün
1 German lesson
I just got a trial lecture with him, but already convinced myself that he is a very professional at teaching German. It was very clear to me that he was very well prepared and experienced!
Apr 23, 2024
Student Martin Tat
Martin Tat
14 German lessons
Dang! Alp is incredibly flexible and patient. My fourteen-hour international flight got moved up so that I was going to miss my lesson previously scheduled with him. However, I did have Internet access, and we were able to do the lesson via Skype chat 40,000 feet above the ground mid-flight!!!!!! Although this was not planned, I think I am going to schedule other written chats. It was just different a different way of learning to have to spell out every word. I, of course, TOTALLY recommend Alp!!!!
Apr 9, 2024
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