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italki teacher since Oct 15, 2013
● Professional and experienced Mandarin teacher to speakers of other languages. 专业而有经验的对外汉语教师 ● 5 years experience teaching English in Chinese public middle school 五年公立中学英语老师 ● Author of three published Chinese novels with pen name: 莫利清华 出版了三部中文长篇小说。可在线搜索《我只要爱情》《花落花开》《丁克式婚姻》。笔名:莫利清华 ● 2 years supervisor of translation department and senior translator in one Shanghai going abroad service company 出国服务公司翻译部主管兼资深翻译 ● Graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, bachelor’s degree 上海外国语大学英语语言文学学士 ● Earned IPA Certificate:Senior Chinese Language Teacher 证书:IPA国际注册高级对外汉语教师 ● I live in Shanghai, China, with my American husband and our son 目前与美国先生和我们的儿子定居上海

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Trial Lesson
230 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Tailored Multiple (2 or more) weekly lessons ( Conversational course/HSK preparation/Thesis, CV and Presentation Proofreading. This package has a discounted price. Please take note of the details.)
A1 -  C2


2,038 lessons completed
USD 14.00+
Package with 3% off
Tailored Chinese Course (Conversational course/HSK preparation/Thesis, CV and Presentation Proofreading
A1 -  C2


814 lessons completed
USD 14.00+
Package with 3% off
Informal Tutoring
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

328 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
Package with 3% off
Special price ONLY for the students who have taken no less than 100 classes with me.
A1 -  C2


744 lessons completed
USD 13.00+
Package with 3% off
Single 30 Minutes Trial Lesson for New Students
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877 Reviews

Andy Lowas
305 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
This is my 100th lesson with Molly 老师。I have to say that I have made great improvements to my fluency. Molly is always patient, fun to talk to and always willing to discuss many interesting topics. This is one of the many reasons which has enabled her lessons to be very enjoyable. 谢谢老师。
Dec 8, 2017
248 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
It is amazing what can be accomplished within quite a short period of time just with a bit of dedication and the help of a Great Teacher. 1 year ago, I had my very first lesson with Molly, I had then barely reached HSK1 level and could hardly say anything in Chinese. Since then I’ve successfully passed my HSK3 exam in March and HSK4 in June this year; I’m now well on my way to HSK5. Sure, the road to fluency is still long, yet I feel proud of this accomplishment and feel very grateful for having found such a wonderful teacher. Now whenever someone asks me for some advice about learning Chinese, I just tell them to go on italki and book regular lessons with Molly. 3 or 4 lessons a week, just in a few months you are bound to see some great result.
Nov 15, 2017
Lawrence Leung
177 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Although I've realized that progress is not linear, I got a chance to reflect on how much better my Chinese has become. It does take time and effort, but achieve higher levels of proficiency is worth it. Since progress is not linear, I am at times concerned about hitting plateaus, in which no progress is visible, and it can be frustrating. Molly has continued to give me advice, techniques, and feedback on how to keep on progressing, especially in this lesson that I just had. Well worth it.
Sep 18, 2016
1 Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
Great trial lesson with Molly! Very nice and friendly, and covered a lot of topics :)
Apr 26, 2023
1 Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
Mar 26, 2023
Claire Chen
1 Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
Lovely teacher, clearly with lots of experience. Super engaging first lesson. Was able to share helpful learning resources.
Jan 19, 2023
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