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Experienced ESL teacher & native speaker from the United States with standard American accent 🇺🇸
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italki teacher since Mar 24, 2022
I'm a native English speaker from the United States. I lived in New York & North Carolina before moving to Southeast Asia where I started my career as an ESL teacher. I like to ask my students questions about their experiences, interests & opinions. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything! A lesson with me is a safe & anxiety-free space for you to speak freely in. I correct mistakes I hear my students make in grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation. I type the corrections in our chat so students can study them after the lesson is over. I help students replace basic or repetitive words that they might have been overusing with more articulate words/ phrases.

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🔞 English Conversation: Listening and Speaking Practice + Vocabulary Expansion and Implementation + Basic English Grammar (CAMERAS ON ✅)
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📚 English Reading Practice: Pronunciation Correction + Word Stress + Rhythm + Connected Speech + Intonation + Consonant and Vowel Sounds (CAMERAS OFF ❌)
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Discounted 60 Minute Conversation Lesson 🎉 Only for Loyal Conversation Students!
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8 English lessons
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Mera’s lessons are super inspiring. In our classes, we talked about women power, independence, mental and physical health, culture, education and traveling and so on. I enjoy listening to Mera’s sharing. Also, she would send me some TED videos before our class and we would discuss the ideas and contents related to the videos. I really love this part of our class. She taught me many new and authentic words and expressions. Last but not least, she is a “grammar police”. She is one of the best English teachers that I ever met in my life. I am one of her early students, I have been taking lessons with her for a very long time. Talking to her is like talking to my besties. I am looking forward to taking more of her lessons in the future.
Jan 10, 2023
16 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have always struggled to improve my spoken English, But then I broke the mold and started learning English with Mera. English is not a science. It's a skill. Don't study it. Use it with Mera.
Dec 31, 2022
35 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
This is my third lesson with Mira. And these three lessons replace three months of self-study for me. It was a very thoughtful and insightful approach to learning and understanding new words. The phenomenon of progress with every lesson. Looking forward to my next class with Mira!
Jun 2, 2022
1 English lesson
Mera is a very good teacher.
Jan 27, 2023
شيخة البلوشي
1 English lesson
She is apretty girl and very kind with the lesson
Jan 26, 2023
C Russell
2 English lessons
Teacher Mera is a super friendly and patient person!!
Jan 24, 2023
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