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Hi, my name is Veronica! I’m from London and have been living in Italy for the past few years where I teach English and study Linguistics at University. I love animals, tennis and photography, but my favourite thing of all is travelling and learning about different cultures, people and languages! I can speak Italian fluently and Spanish at a B1 level too!

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44 Reviews

162 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
My review 2022: almost 100 English lessons with Veronica. Speaking English fluently has always been my goal and thanks to Veronica, l've come a lot further than I thought. It starts with the fact that Veronica, because of her language studies, is able to answer all my questions in all areas of the language. In addition, each lesson has a well-prepared "topic of the day" that relates to business English, spoken English, and also topics of my choosing. Her teaching style is always helpful, efficient and friendly. She creates a perfect learning environment where | feel comfortable and encouraged. Although I was not enthusiastic about reading and learning (not my cup of tea), I kind of do it all the time now. If I had known that learning a language could be so successful and so much fun, I would have learned English with Veronica sooner.
Jan 2, 2023
Avidan Cohen
33 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Veronica is definitely the best English teacher I have ever met. She is very well organized, smart and kind ! I really appreciate the way she taught me, and every lesson was effective and interesting.
Sep 20, 2022
Carlos Sá
40 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Veronica is genius and kind. A powerful combination. She has a unique domain of didactics. The result is fast, concise and growing learning. Probably the best teacher on this interface.
Apr 15, 2022
Anichka Yo
1 English lesson
I liked the lesson so much! Teacher is very friendly and cute. Materials are good. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Jun 3, 2023
1 English lesson
she is very nice and very kind . her methodology is very good and I beleive that will improve my english a lot!!!
Jun 2, 2023
sergio florio
14 English lessons
Veronica is a talented and professional teacher. She makes the lessons light and enjoyable and enriches them with valuable written notes.
May 30, 2023
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