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Welcome here, If you're looking for a well-structured lesson with a motivated and experienced teacher, you're in the right place. I have a few years of experience with decent, productive, and fun methods of teaching Farsi. Besides, I graduated with a bachelor of English in Persian translation degree. Thus, it has helped me understand the differences of these languages to support my learners with proper instructions. I have been observing the Farsi lessons of other experienced online tutors for quite a while and have taken notes and tips to apply in my lessons. Therefore, you will feel my class environment more professional style. I'll make sure you benefit from my teaching method. :)

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42 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Roya is so professional, kind, intelligent, and a good teacher. My Farsi has improved so much because of her and now I can read Persian because of her. I can't wait to continue learning with her.
Nov 18, 2022
Alex Watkins
14 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks Roya, that was an excellent first lesson. I'm not a complete beginner as I've had some lessons before, but I need to revise things. And you were very helpful to encourage me to speak and read as much as possible, thank you :) You're also a very friendly and interesting person, so I think lessons with you will be great fun :) I liked that you use a combination of a book, Google docs, videos / audios and also speaking and listening in person. And that you seem to have a natural ability to discern whether I'm going to be stretched to the right degree. So thanks again, and see you next time :)
Oct 28, 2022
Miguel M
15 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Roya has a system in place which she tailors to every student, I feel that she will never get lost because she has a plan, but simultaneously that she is adapting that plan on the go to what my strengths and weaknesses are. What a great teacher!!
Sep 4, 2022
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
Roya came prepared to the first lesson with a huge number of different resources and different kinds of activities to assess my speaking level. I was really impressed by how much effort she puts into her classes and look forward to learning more from her
Jan 26, 2023
Sean Y
6 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Roya continues to be patient and kind. She allows you to make the mistakes you need to make to learn what you're stuck on. She will help you if you are stumbling too much and does time it just right. This is my 7th lesson with her and she continues to be a great example of teaching a language. If you need to learn Farsi, I would recommend taking her class.
Jan 21, 2023
Robin Bienroth
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
Very nice first lesson. Roya was very organized and had a ton of spreadsheets and documents prepared for us to go through. She used many different approaches like audio files, videos, reading excercises and more, which I really appreciated.
Jan 2, 2023
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