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College Professor and Professional Debater. Certified to Teach Languages.
From PeruLiving in Frankfurt, Germany (11:49 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 17, 2022
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English AND Spanish teacher :) Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm a college professor who loves talking and meeting new people around the world. My passion for tutoring (as I have been doing for many years) lead me to this beautiful corner on the internet where I can share my knowledge and experiences with people that are just as excited to learn about a new way of communicating and opening up to others as I am with other languages, like German, French, Portuguese, etc. Book a class with me! I'm certain we'll have an amazing time :D

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🟢General English - Conversation and Grammar
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75 Reviews

Student Gyason Copeland
Gyason Copeland
22 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Worth every penny. Kiara is a very knowledgeable Spanish teacher. I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. She is great for having conversations about a wide range of topics but is also an expert at grammar. You will not use a textbook or rely on websites that anyone can just search online. She will plan out your lessons and will focus on achieving your goal of becoming a better Spanish speaker. She has a strong grasp on all aspects of grammar especially more complicated topics like the subjunctive tense. She will teach you more than you would learn in a classroom. Her English is also perfect, so no worries if you need something more complex to be explained in English. 100% recommended.
Dec 6, 2023
Student Bader
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Just had my first Spanish lesson with this amazing teacher and I HAD to share my experience! 🎉 First off, she was super supportive and patient, which is so important when learning a new language. You could really tell she cares about her students and their progress! She made the lesson so enjoyable and was incredibly helpful with any questions I had. The way she explained things was just 👌, and it made everything click for me. If you're looking for a Spanish teacher, look no further! 🌟
Apr 17, 2023
Student Shayne C.
Shayne C.
19 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kiara's an intelligent, encouraging, and patient teacher who's helped me immensely with my conversational Spanish these past few months. We always have something to talk about, so classes are fun and without a dull moment! Her additional mastery in English has also definitely helped me learn how to express more complex ideas/phrases in Spanish as well as break down more technical grammatical points. Kiara's super professional and reliable - highly recommend her if you're looking to improve your English or Spanish!
Jul 29, 2022
Student Reece
5 Spanish lessons
She’s highspeed!
May 31, 2024
Student Nienke Bollema
Nienke Bollema
5 Spanish lessons
Kiara was very patient and helpful. I really enjoyed our first lesson.
May 28, 2024
Student Jussi Kakkonen
Jussi Kakkonen
6 English lessons
I always enjoy Kiara's lessons. We cover a wide range of topics, and the time just flies by. I highly recommend her lessons!
May 27, 2024
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