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I'm available right now. TEFL Certified, & Qualified ESL Teacher with over three years of experience
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italki teacher since Jun 16, 2023
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My name is Jhane Kayzel, I'm from the Philippines. I'm working as an English teacher. I love teaching because teaching is my passion. It gives me joy and excitement to meet my new students around the world. In my class, I work with wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. I’m interested in many different topics, and I’m happy to focus on my learners’ goals. My hobbies are listening English and Filipino song, reading English book, playing a guitar, playing a piano, playing badminton, swimming with my friends. Throughout my career, I’ve been recognized for my work ethic and effectiveness. I’m greatly passionate about my profession, and I love helping others to improve Filipino skills.

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12 Reviews

Pamela Hermano
10 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Jhane was very friendly and accommodating. She taught me and matched my pace. She is patient in teaching me new vocabulary and how to use them in sentences. She answers my questions in a clear and concise manner. She makes learning fun and I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Jul 12, 2023
Pamela Wright
2 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
maraming salamat sa isang magandang aral. Masarap magsanay ng pakikipag-usap sa iyo. Napakabait mo.
Jul 11, 2023
2 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
My thanks to Teacher Jhane! She took the lesson on short notice and was quick to tailor the lesson to my level of Tagalog. I really appreciated her patience and enthusiasm throughout and her explanations on the context in which to use certain words and sentences. Thanks again!
Jun 20, 2023
John Sam Taylor
1 Filipino (Tagalog) lesson
She really understands. Very patient teacher, please book with her.
Sep 18, 2023
4 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher Jhane is great! She really helps me with my Tagalog grammar, vocabulary, and social language so that I can use the language professionally for my work.
Aug 11, 2023
4 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher Jhane is awesome! She is helping me learn how to conjugate verbs in past, present, and future and she writes out the sentences so that I can see where to put each type of word (adjectives, verbs, particles, pronouns, etc.) in the sentence. She is helping me learn the patterns of verb conjugation and sentence structure. We are doing this in the context of conversation around different themes/topics and this really helps me with vocabulary development, contextual usage, and functioning in Tagalog in conversation. I really appreciate that she listens to my feedback and my requests and customizes the lessons for me. I can tell she is very dedicated, because she takes my appointments even though they are at an uncommon hour in the philippines (like 5 am morning, or 12a midnight). So I really appreciate her and her willingness to do that!
Aug 4, 2023
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