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Enjoyable freetalking. 우리 친구가 되자! 我们做朋友吧!Let's be friend!
From Republic of KoreaLiving in Seoul, Republic of Korea (02:40 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 16, 2022
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안녕하세요! Don't worry, just enjoy!! :) Hello, My name is Eom HyunSoo(엄현수), and I am Korean(한국인). I've been working on correcting and teaching Korean sentences and grammar since a year ago. I can speak in English, and simple Chinese/Taiwanese and Japanese conversation is possible. I like music, travel, reading, theater, exercise, hiking, taking pictures, and drawing. It is very important for me to enjoy various hobbies and live a fun life. YOLO! I'm looking forward to meeting various friends from all over the world in class! 안녕하세요, 제 이름은 엄현수이고, 한국 사람이에요. 저는 음악, 여행, 독서, 연극, 운동, 등산, 사진 찍기, 그림 그리기 등을 좋아해요. 다양한 취미를 즐기며 인생을 재미있게 사는 것은 저에게 아주 중요한 일이에요. 우리 수업에서 다양하고 재미있는 이야기를 나눠요, 그리고 친구가 됩시다!

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120 Reviews

Student Jake
25 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
현수 is the best. She is great at helping you figure out how to communicate naturally while encouraging you to try to find the right way yourself, with endless patience. She's quick-witted and kind, able to talk about anything and everything. I think we all know how nervous we can get when trying to speak in another language, but 현수 made me feel at ease in record time. That has done wonders for my ability to speak in Korean without fear of failure. I'm lucky to have found her and if you're reading this, then you're lucky too!
Apr 8, 2024
Student Nikki
28 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hyunsoo is so amazing - she kindly allowed me to bring my own lesson materials and explained to me some really useful Korean phrases for working in a restaurant. I know I'll use everything that I learned a LOT, and I really appreciate her patience with my (many many) questions. She's good at explaining WHY things are the way they are too. Thank you!!!
Oct 13, 2023
Student Gigi Crisan
Gigi Crisan
21 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
오늘도 선생님이랑 수업 시간에 즐겁게 보냈어요! its so fun when we explain each other's culture during class !! also the fact that we do it in Korean really helps me improve my conversation skills and its a very fun of studying! I feel very comfortable around 현수 선생님 :) Recommend ! good vibes
Jul 9, 2022
Student Timur Zhukov
Timur Zhukov
7 Korean lessons
We had a great lesson today as well. Hyunsoo gives plenty of opportunity to talk and patiently corrects your mistakes.
Apr 13, 2024
Student Timur Zhukov
Timur Zhukov
7 Korean lessons
오늘도 즐거운 레슨 감사합니다!
Mar 30, 2024
Student 田中徹  Tanaka  다나카
田中徹 Tanaka 다나카
2 Korean lessons
재미있었어요. 감사합니다.
Mar 15, 2024
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