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I am a positive and talkative person😀 Feel free to contact me)
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Hello guys! My name is Kate - let's get acquainted! My native languages ​​are Russian and Belarusian. For six years I was worked as a journalist and wrote articles in Russian for newspapers and magazines. I have perfect literacy and excellent communication skills. I enjoy meeting new people. Communication with me is easy, interesting and fun 😀 I have many interests. I like to read, I have education in psychology, I train in a ballet studio. A few years ago I started to study English with a tutor. It's my hobby now. I have a wonderful dachshund, her name is Jackie. Sometimes she’s my assistant at Russian language classes)) 👋👋👋

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87 Reviews

Student Alp
85 Russian lessons
Katya is an excellent tutor! We've been studying together for a long time now, and I can confidently say that every lesson with her is enriching. She always comes prepared with new and interesting material, which has significantly boosted my grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. I really appreciate her clear explanation. Time truly flies during our lessons! I'm so grateful to have met such a wonderful tutor who has made a great contribution to my Russian language journey. If I could, I would give her 100 stars! Занимаюсь с Катей уже давно, и за это время я очень продвинулся. Катя – отличный преподаватель: всегда подготовлена, и всегда все понятно, доступно и доходчиво объясняет. Благодаря ей я улучшил грамматику, словарный запас и разговорную речь. Во время наших занятий время действительно летит незаметно! Я очень рад, что встретил ее! Рекомендую всем, кто хочет изучать русский язык. Если бы можно было поставить 100 звёзд, я бы это сделал)
May 13, 2024
Student Mckayla Raines
Mckayla Raines
2 Russian lessons
I absolutely loved my lesson and can’t wait for my next one 🩷
Apr 26, 2024
Student Fernando
26 Russian lessons
A good lesson with Kate. It is one of my goals to get back into Russian study this year. I had taken a break from these lessons for a while but once I started again with Kate it felt very easy to continue the lessons where we left off. The approach for the lessons makes it very easy to get back into study after a break. the lessons are a good combination of grammar rules, vocabulary and conversations.
Feb 12, 2024
Student Alp
85 Russian lessons
Kate is such a gem here on Italki! She is definitely the best tutor I have ever worked with. Thanks to Kate, I don't hesitate to communicate with native Russian speakers anymore, worrying about my speaking skills or grammar. Not only have I witnessed great improvements in my grammar, speaking, and pronunciation skills, but her use of wonderful materials has also opened up a world of Russian culture to me. Exploring literature together, from delving into poems, classical short stories, to the intricacies of museums, attractions, and countless other facets; our lessons are not just about learning a language but a heartfelt journey into the soul of Russia, and I'm super grateful for that!
Jan 15, 2024
Student Drew Richard
Drew Richard
2 Russian lessons
The first lesson with Kate was great, she seemed very excited to help me start learning
Dec 1, 2023
Student Jake
64 Russian lessons
Very good lesson. Kate can elucidate fine distinctions whilst weaving interesting stories into the class.
Dec 1, 2023
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