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🎨 J'aime le tennis et le squash mais les SPORTS en général m'intéressent!Ne t'inquiète pas si tu n'es pas passionné par le sport, je fais aussi du piano et nous pouvons discuter de MUSIQUE et d'ART ( films, séries,...). 🌍 Parle moi de ton dernier VOYAGE, comment c'était, quelles expériences insolites peux-tu me raconter à propos de vos voyages?

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22 Reviews

Student William
14 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Max is a wonderful italki tutor. If you are looking for a friendly and non-judgemental environment, he's a great choice! Max comes prepared with a topic and lesson for each session tailored to your goals. He also asks for feedback from the student as the lesson ends to hear what's working for you. I know speaking in another language can be nerve-racking, but Max is a solid tutor for anyone looking to improve their skills despite any nervousness one might have. If your looking for a French tutor, try Max!
Oct 23, 2023
Student italki345549
31 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning French with Max is a lot of fun. He is smart, friendly, patient, enthusiastic, and professional. He is always well-prepared for the lessons and provides valuable language materials to keep the lessons engaging. His proficiency in English is a big plus, especially for beginners. He offers more than just grammar and vocabulary — with Max, you'll learn the use of French in daily life and discover many aspects of French culture. I would highly recommend him.
Feb 5, 2023
Student Cody
2 French lessons
I had just rolled out of bed and felt tired but was completely energized by the end of the lesson. Great listening. Thanks, Max!
May 28, 2024
Student Cody
2 French lessons
Max came in strong with a PowerPoint to discuss films and series, helping to start the conversation. He listened patiently, noting errors as they came. It can't be easy listening to people learn your language but Max does it with a patience that is much appreciated. Hoping I can find the time to sign up again.
May 26, 2024
Student Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson
3 French lessons
My first lesson with Max was great - he was very patient and encouraging as I practiced speaking French, which made me feel comfortable making mistakes and trying new things. He came to class prepared with materials related to my interests, which made the lesson particularly engaging and relevant.
Apr 14, 2024
Student luis marquez
luis marquez
1 French lesson
Max used the Italki platform along with Zoom. He had slides prepared for the lesson
Apr 11, 2024
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