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안녕하세요! 함께 즐겁게 한국어를 배워요! 함께해요 :) https://youtu.be/eufV5GMynX0?si=rbp0LDavVSIAdpUs
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안녕하세요. 만나서 반갑습니다 :) ❤︎ Hola, me llamo Su jeong, Cielo en Corea del Sur. Soy coreana y vivo en Seúl. 🇰🇷 Youtube📽️ https://youtu.be/eufV5GMynX0?si=rbp0LDavVSIAdpUs Yo trabajo por marketing de maquillajes. 🌷 🎬 Yo enseñaba Coreano en Peru a los universitarios y los secundarios cuando estaba en Sudamerica Un año. Me gustaría compartir la cultura coreana enseñando coreano. Espero que ustedes pronto. Nos vemos! :) Hello, I'm Sujeong. 🇰🇷 I have teaching experience en Peru and I can speak Spanish and English. I've lived in Peru for one year and traveled many different countries including Spain, England and various countries. I like teaching and helping students who want to learn Korean.

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37 Reviews

Student Jonah
3 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
My class with 수정 선생님 was a very enjoyable one. She had a very exciting and bright energy which always kept the conversation engaging, fun and flowing well. She also moved at a pace which was perfect, not too slow to where it feels boring but also not too fast to where you just end up feeling lost. Overall a great lesson with also great material left to me for review, I’m super excited to continue my journey of learning Korean with 수정 선생님 😁
Feb 13, 2024
Student Renato Saraiva
Renato Saraiva
16 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was very lucky to find Sujeong. Not just I had the best time during classes, but also Sujeong was always kind in guiding me through the hardships of TOPIK II vocabulary and academic texts. Learned a lot about 분자 요리 and 버섯 균사체. 앞으로도 우리 수정 유튜버 선생님 파이팅!!
Oct 3, 2023
Student Zbigniew Wegrzyn
Zbigniew Wegrzyn
1 Korean lesson
Teacher’s pick
I really like the way 수정씨 leads the lesson. The conversation and questions asked are spoken at a normal speed spoken on the streets of Seoul. In addition, 수정씨 has excellent diction. Sentences spoken at normal speed and with perfect diction help prepare me to understand the language in everyday life situations in Korea. When I couldn't find the right word 수정씨 came to help. After the lesson 수정씨 sent me all the new words used during the lesson. I appreciate it very much! 수정씨 thank you very much for the lesson!!!
Mar 25, 2023
Student manolo godino
manolo godino
6 Korean lessons
Hoy es mi segunda clase. Es muy fácil estudiar con esta profesora porque prepara muchos materiales muy didácticos para que practiques durante la clase. Además te hace hablar y construir tus propias frases. Today is my second class. It is very easy to study with this teacher because she prepares many very didactic materials for you to practice during class. She also makes you speak and build your own sentences.
May 15, 2024
Student James
6 Korean lessons
I have very limited skills in Korean, and I was nervous on finding a good teacher. Fortunately, I found 수정 who is patient, engaging, and informative. I appreciate her feedback and look forward to taking more lessons from her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn.
May 14, 2024
Student manolo godino
manolo godino
6 Korean lessons
It was just a test class. It is perfect as she can speak both English and Spanish, there are no communication problems. Also the teaching method is fun and effective. Ha sido la primera clase de prueba. Es perfecta porque puede hablar Inglés y Español así que no hay problemas de comunicación. Además su método de enseñanza es divertido y efectivo. Muy recomendable.
May 13, 2024
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