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Karen Lusted

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Your friendly (British) English Teacher in Japan with over 10 years of Teaching Experience.
From United KingdomLiving in Hamamatsu, Japan (07:04 UTC+09:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Mar 23, 2022
Interest topicGamingAnimation & ComicsPets & AnimalsFilms & TV SeriesTravel
I'm Karen and I'm from the U.K. I currently live in Japan and have lived here since 2012. I came to Japan because my mother is Japanese and I wanted to experience life in her home country. I also came to try and learn Japanese! 私の日本語のレベルはまだまだですけど、少しわかります。がんばります! Extra: I briefly worked in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa in 2018. I have traveled to Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, S.Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, France and the U.S. I enjoy playing video and board games, and I paint in my spare time. I also LOVE Wombats!

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24 Reviews

Student Hazel06
18 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
We talked about a lot of funny things which happened on the Christmas day and Nwe year holiday!Teacher Karen is really nice!I learned some new words and phrases during class!This class is really great for me to unwind!
Dec 17, 2023
Student yohan14🇯🇵
22 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It is always a pleasure to chat with Karen. She is very kind and patient. 😊 it was an interesting topic about food, bad habits, etc... enjoyable moment as usual.
Sep 24, 2023
Student Leticia Carrera
Leticia Carrera
41 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Very good topic of conversation: food. Karen makes the classes really interesting and enjoyable. He does everything possible to understand you despite the pronunciation, which, depending on the word, is very difficult for me.
Sep 15, 2023
Student Jiyoung Lee
Jiyoung Lee
20 English lessons
Karen is kind and competent. Conversations with her feel like genuine discussions rather than lessons, which greatly helps improve my English skills. She seems to prepare many questions in advance to make our conversations interesting. The more enjoyable our discussions, the more comfortable I feel using English, and the better I remember what she teaches me. I've experienced many teachers on italki, but Karen is the first one who made me feel intellectually stimulated and truly enjoy the lessons. I highly recommend her classes!
May 31, 2024
Student Hazel06
18 English lessons
Its really nice to learn with Karen! She is so kind and patient with me, and helps me to improve my English skill. The class is relaxing and inspirational!☺️
May 27, 2024
Student Diego Chang Prado
Diego Chang Prado
1 English lesson
Karen is a great teacher, she is kind and encourages you a lot to learn and move forward.
May 15, 2024
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