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I love listening to old rock and prog rock, playing guitar and playing games. Also, I'm passionate about coffee. Recently I've been playing Zelda TotK, Apex Legends and Valorant. My favourite manga and anime are Hunter Hunter and Naruto. For several years, I lived in London and Dublin. Also, I write a blog about life in the UK and Ireland and the English language. Before living in London, I worked as a sound engineer, so I'm interested in having conversations about music and sound-related topics! When I was a student I worked as a barista during which time I got a European barista qualification. So I can talk about coffee too :)

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131 Reviews

Student Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller
46 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Best Japanese teacher! She’s patient, flexible, friendly, and great at coming up with topics to discuss that are appropriate for your level. I always improve! Thanks Isla Sensei, see you in class.
Oct 3, 2023
Student Sai
30 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Isla is taking the time to help me re-learn a lot of Japanese fundamentals from the beginning. She is able to adjust the pace to my existing understanding and knowledge and I have confidence that I'll quickly be able to reach the level that I should be at. She is very kind which puts my anxiety at ease, and good at explaining in both Japanese and English (when required). We have conversations like I would with a friend. This motivates me to try harder every day to do better in the next lesson.
Sep 25, 2023
Student Andrea
56 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I like the fact that Isla sensei explains the grammar and clarifies difficult points using easy Japanese and only if you really don't get it she switches briefly to English :)
May 19, 2022
Student Kimiko
1 Japanese lesson
wonderful lesson.
Apr 10, 2024
Student Alicia Chui
Alicia Chui
1 Japanese lesson
I had a fun trial lesson with Isla-Sensei! She came prepared with introductory slides and I had a lot of opportunities to practice speaking and listening Japanese. Isla sensei was kind and patient when I struggled to form certain sentences and gave me time to try and figure things out on my own. Thank you Isla Sensei!
Mar 25, 2024
Student Daniel Leguizamón
Daniel Leguizamón
1 Japanese lesson
Isla-sensei s an excellent teacher, quite patient and diligent. I liked a lot the way the class goes to a good rythm and practicing what we need. Will definetily try another classs with her again!
Mar 24, 2024
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