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Makoto Murohashi

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italki teacher since Apr 23, 2022
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Hello, my name is Makoto. I like traveling, I traveled to around 30 different countries. I used to live in New Zealand and Portugal. I lived in a few places such as Hokkaido, Gunma, and Okinawa. I enjoy reading manga and watching Anime such as Slam Dunk, One piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tensura, Danmachi, and many others. Lately, I am watching Oshi no ko and dead mount death play. I like sports too, especially tennis, basketball, and Rugby.

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Japanese for intermediate level with articles and youtube
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76 Reviews

Student Trin
19 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've learned with Makoto san for a month before I'm going to Japan. He prepare a real situation I may face when traveling such as order a food, asking for a direction etc. It helps me a lot when I am in Japan. Creating new experiences for me when I can speak a short conversation with Japanese. Also Makoto san is a good listener, always support his student. He makes me confident speaking Japanese. He is a very good teacher.
May 3, 2024
Student Jane
6 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
A truly wonderful teacher who's passionate about the subject of language learning. No question is too big or too small - if you want to learn the nuances in the Japanese language and really understand context in which different phrases should be used, this is your guy!
Nov 3, 2023
Student Cristiane (クリスチアーネ)
Cristiane (クリスチアーネ)
18 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have done a number of lessons with Makoto Sensei and I always find our lessons very fun and interactive. Makoto Sensei is very patient and I always learn new vocabulary during our dialogue practice. I also enjoy the materials he sends for preparation before class.
Apr 27, 2023
Student Cooper / クーパー
Cooper / クーパー
2 Japanese lessons
Makoto is really easy to talk to, very encouraging and a great teacher. He corrected my mistakes and gave examples to clarify, while keeping the conversation flowing. Looking forward to more lessons with him!
Jun 3, 2024
Student Anthony Digenova
Anthony Digenova
42 Japanese lessons
Always enjoy doing my lessons with Makoto, and am learning a lot !
May 15, 2024
Student Anthony Digenova
Anthony Digenova
42 Japanese lessons
Great Teacher, Very patient, and always makes the lessons interesting
Apr 29, 2024
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