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Gaelic (Scottish)
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italki teacher since Nov 25, 2013
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To teach is to learn. I am a curious person. Curious about culture and language, and all their expressions. I love writing, creative and non-fiction, creating language courses and adapting authentic material. I'm a translator, an advocate for Gaelic (Scotland) and Scots to be re-integrated more widely into Scotland's society, and supportive of other minority languages, such as Irish, Welsh, Breton, Basque, Ryukyuan (Okinawa), etc. I also support variety in English, and all its diverse accents and forms, including my own variety, which is SSE (Standard Scottish English).

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808 Reviews

Gaelic (Scottish)
Student Marta Richards
Marta Richards
208 Gaelic (Scottish) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Is fior thoil leam na leasanan Gaidhlig agam le Steaphan! 'S e tidsear air leth a th' ann! (I love my Gaelic lessons with Steven. He is an exceptional teacher. Do not hesitate if you want to learn to speak Gaelic. That's what I love about our lessons--he MAKES me speak by asking questions he knows I can somewhat understand and makes me push my limits.)
Mar 19, 2024
Student Andrew Fillery
Andrew Fillery
36 Gaelic (Scottish) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Steven provided a series of pictures for me to describe and encouraged me to practise using a variety of verbs in the past tense. It was a really useful lesson in trying to be more ambitious with verb choices and use different types of sentence for descriptions.
Jan 31, 2024
Student Manuel Metz
Manuel Metz
6 Gaelic (Scottish) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nice teacher very adaptable who has clear educational goal for each lesson but is ready to make room to answer questions that are not part of the lesson and explain grammatiacal and/or custom issue behind each student's question. A very enjoyable learning experience
Jan 20, 2024
Student Andrew Fillery
Andrew Fillery
36 Gaelic (Scottish) lessons
Steven provided a great lesson, with speaking, listening and reading practice, and examples and explanations of idiomatic Gaelic expressions.
Jul 9, 2024
Student Matt Witmore
Matt Witmore
1 Gaelic (Scottish) lesson
Very calm and casual atmosphere for learning a language in this type of setting. Easy to understand, easy to talk to and communicate with. I will be back for more!
Jul 9, 2024
Student LA Orlinski
LA Orlinski
6 Gaelic (Scottish) lessons
The lessons with Steven are very interesting
Jul 5, 2024
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