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Listen a lot, imitate a lot, and say a lot ! What you want to say will be communicated to me☺︎‬
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My name is yuri. When I was a college student, I majored in psychology and often participated in volunteer activities. I also liked international exchange, so I participated in volunteer to convey Japanese language and culture in Cambodia. It was a great experience for me to realize the joy of telling people something. I would like to interact with many people here as well !! My special skill is calligraphy. Also my hobbies are driving, eating, reading manga, watching otter videos, doing self-gel nails...! 😊 My favorite comics are Dragon Ball and The Promised Neverland. In the future, I would like to actually go abroad to understand and interact with each other's culture and values.🌎

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Reading practice📖or How to write KANJI 📝【25min,45min,55min】Pronunciation and intonation correction and Opinion /Writing order
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For beginners (N4,5 level).🗣👂 【45min,55min,85min】Practice, not study🎵Eliminate the anxiety of visiting or living in Japan!
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17 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuri-san is a splendid teacher. She always provides a comfortable learning space and is quite welcoming when I want to try communicating with unfamiliar words or ideas. More and more our lesson time has turned into fun, easy conversation. After struggling on my own, Yuri-san has shown me a fruitful path of easy, relaxed conversation where I can make every mistake possible, yet continue to learn and grow into the language and just have fun. What a wonderful way to learn a language.
Oct 12, 2022
12 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuri san is a very good teacher, and we have regular free talks each week. When you cannot find a correct word, she is always very patient and help you out. We also keep records of what we have learned each week via the google doc, so that I can have a review after the class, and this is very useful. Besides, we also talk in advance what kinds of topics we will have in the class, so that both of us can make some preparations. An excellent teacher, and a good friend~
Aug 22, 2022
11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I can totally recommend a lesson, regardless of whether you're a novice like me or more advanced, she can adapt well to my level so that I can understand everything which really helped me. She might not be able to communicate in English perfectly but that's even better in my opinion, so you're really forced to think and speak in Japanese at all times. Since she uses a shared Excel Spreadsheet it's very easy to look things up since she writes all the important stuff in real-time there. She is also good at teaching natural expressions and how to say something naturally. おすすめです!
Jun 27, 2022
1 Japanese lesson
Nov 30, 2022
9 Japanese lessons
Nov 30, 2022
17 Japanese lessons
Yuri-sensei is always very helpful in building confidence in my Japanese speaking. The lesson time always feels comfortable and stress free regardless of my numerous mistakes. I truly feel encouraged to do my best and absolutely look forward to the next conversation lesson. いつもありがとうございます!
Nov 23, 2022
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