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こんにちは。Taeです。日本に 住んでいます。 趣味は 海外旅行です。海外では、猫の写真を撮っています。古い建築物を見ることも好きです。日本のお寺を見ることも好きです。 家で過ごすことも好きです。編み物や、簡単な料理をして楽しみます。 長期間、病院のソーシャルワーカーとして働いた経験があります。特技は、共感しながら困っていることやぐちを聞くことです。なにかの愚痴を言ってすっきりしたい人大歓迎。 Hello . I’m Tae. I live in Japan. I like to go traveling abroad. I enjoy taking pictures of cats while traveling. I also like to look at old architecture. And I like to visit Japanese temples and shrines. I also like to spend time at home. I enjoy knitting and simple cooking. I have worked as a hospital social worker for a long period of time.My special skill is listening to problems and complaints with empathy.People who want to feel refreshed by complaining about something are welcome.

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lesson for beginners /にゅうもん


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Basic Japanese lesson/きそにほんご


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Conversation lesson /かいわレッスン
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11 Reviews

5 Japanese lessons
Tae Sensei, once again, I am very sorry for being late!! Today's class was very helpful in reviewing how で is used to describe the means of doing something. There was also a lot of listening practice. Thank you again for a fun and rewarding class!~
May 28, 2023
Micah Bell
2 Japanese lessons
レッスンは楽しかった。 先生は優しいだと思います。 ありがとうございました。 I had fun at the lesson. Tae Sensei was very kind and patient. Thank you for the wonderful lesson.
May 21, 2023
1 Japanese lesson
Tae-sensei is well organised, and has lots of useful slides to show me exactly what I should be doing without explaining it all in English. She speaks very clearly with simple words, and I found it easy to understand her. I need to practice speaking and pronunciation more than anything else, and there were plenty of opportunities for me to speak during the lesson.
May 21, 2023
5 Japanese lessons
Tae Sensei was very helpful in going over the te-forms of different verbs, along with their negative and question counterparts. This class also included a lot of listening and speaking practice, as well as a focus on the difference between the usage of で and に. Thank you, Tae Sensei!~
May 21, 2023
5 Japanese lessons
Tae Sensei was very helpful in going over the te-form of verbs with me today. The exercises helped me better understand the conjugations. We first went over the different verb groups and how they would change to their -te form. Then, we practiced them in sentences from their dictionary form. Finally, we practiced the conjugations by changing the verbs from their -masu to -te forms. Another great lesson! Thank you very much, Tae Sensei!~ I'm looking forward to our next class.
Mar 1, 2023
5 Japanese lessons
Tae Sensei is a wonderful teacher who puts careful preparation into each lesson. She uses slides with audio and visual elements to help you better understand the vocab and grammar points. Tae Sensei speaks in Japanese to teach the class, using a level to match your understanding and needs. Even if I have previously reviewed the grammar or vocab, I always learn something new. I highly recommend Tae Sensei to anyone who wants to better their Japanese. It is clear that she really cares about her students and their journey learning Japanese. Thank you very much, Tae Sensei!~
Feb 23, 2023
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